Benefits of Outsourcing CAD Drafting Services

2D and 3D CAD drafting is a fundamental necessity in all design offices— one which lies at the heart of the business, without which the office cannot function. Shop drawings, architectural working drawings and detailing are drawn using 2D, while 3D is the obvious choice for perspective views, plant layouts, piping designs and so on.

Draftspersons need to have considerable expertise in order to render perfect drawings, and the process of creating these drawings takes a lot of time and effort.

Here are some of the benefits of offshore outsourcing of CAD drafting services. 

  • Professional Design Outputs 

Offshore design teams are thorough professionals with hands-on expertise in CAD. Not only will the output be accurate and in compliance with design standards, but you will get working drawings that are closely aligned to manufacturers specifications, detailed out by experts in the field who have all-round industry knowledge. You will get error-free drafts with all measurements marked to the accuracy expected. 

  • Expertise in Handling Diverse CAD Drafting Software

Quite often, different software platforms are used by different teams working on the same project. This causes distortion of data when imported and such design drafts require cleansing. In order to work on these files, draftspersons must be experienced and have good editing skills. They should know how to search, duplicate, archive and assemble drawings. Offshore draftspersons are well-versed in all aspects of diverse software and know the right sketching tools to use to get the right results. 

  • Superior Quality, Timely Deliveries, Reasonable Fees 

As outsourcing companies have multiple teams with expertise in specific industry designs, you can be sure of getting work of the highest quality. They will comply with the required mandates; for instance, architectural drawings must comply with AIA standards, mechanical drawings with ASME standards and so on. Work deliveries will be as per expected schedules, and as the work is charged by the hour, they will be very clear about expected time to finish the project and will make sure they deliver within that time. 

  • Integrating CAD with other Software 

As construction and manufacturing industries become more competitive by the day, just drafting is no longer enough. Offshore drafting partners have the expertise to integrate cost estimating software applications, logical programming APIs and other features with the CAD so that you can get more work done in a shorter time frame. They have access to new technologies and significant experience in using state-of-the-art tools and platforms. 

There’s no doubt, then, that outsourcing creates cost efficiency, superior quality and streamlined business operations, giving companies that embrace it the competitive edge over their peers. With more offices choosing to adopt this business model, the demand for outsourcing architectural CAD drafting services is definitely on the rise!  

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