Benefits of Mechanization in Agriculture

Agriculture Mechanization is the term utilized in an awfully very high sense. it's not solely concerning the use of machinery, whether less use or or massive, mobile or immobile, surpass power or not, but rather than it is used for tillage operations or gathering or thrashing, however may be used for varied functions in agriculture like irrigation, haulage, production, process machinery, completely different farm instrumentation for butter creating, cream separating, rice hulling, oil pressing, cotton ginning and a lot of.

The entire history of agriculture contains several samples of the employment of tools, like the hoe and therefore the plough. The continued integration of machines since the commercial Revolution but has allowed farming to become a lot of less effortful.

Here we've got mentioned the main advantages of farm mechanization –

  • Mechanization will increasethe potencyand speed of farming operations.

  • With the employmentof agricultural machinery in farming practices the necessityof human labour is reduced.

Production has conjointly raised labour productivity to a major level with the assistance of mechanization.

  • Mechanization helps in dynamicalfarmer’s overall standingin rural areas and conjointly reduces their time and energy.

  • Usage of versatile agricultural machinery like rotavator, cultivator, power tiller, mixharvester etc. reduces the dependency on labor considerably, risingthe standard of lifetime of the farmers on the opposite hand.

  • With facilitateof farm instrumentationany piece of land that has not been used for farming will be became a productive farm simply and handily, ensuing into the right land usage.

  • When it involvesgrow food for the increasing population worldwide, solelymechanization will facilitate farm homeowners to grow crops and grains to fulfill the strain of food for providing for an oversized population.

  • Mechanization is additionallynecessary to enhancethe condition of farmers during a country like Australia as many folks in India even these days area unit dependent within the ancient farming ways. Use of machinery will lead the agriculture to a replacement revolution in Australia.

  • Modern farm instrumentationsort of amix harvester helps farmer obtaining cleaner and top quality grain in minimum time which will be sold-out quickly within the market.


The Mechanization in Agriculture will helps to increase the yield of production and a time saving concept introduced. The efficiency in this field is very essential. The Mechanization in agriculture helps to reduce the cost and helpful to solve the labour shortage issues.

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