As a purchaser how to choose a suitable aluminium extrusion die supplier?

Most people will choose small and medium-sized die factory,because prices are easy to accept, but soon you will have more worries :Delivery is prompt? How about production quality? And how about die life?At this point,we suggest that you must pay attention to the basic common sense, that is,we must choose the well-appointed die factory, which must have a complete set of precision CNC machining centers, EDMs, EDM mirror Sparks, three dimension and two dimension measuring instruments and other important die processing, production, testing equipment, we must take this as the assessment and the key of assessment;

Without those equipment, it means that the die manufacturing and production process need to seek outward processing, there are three problems:

Firstly, your die cost increases.

Secondly, with outward processing factory communication and coordination will take more time, as a result will extend the die-making cycle, even in the procurement agreement or contract will sign in relevant penalty clause, however, if there is a delay, penalty does not make up for the realities and long-term losses.

The most terrible thing is the third point, the entire process of outward processing can not be timely monitored.quality can not be guaranteed.

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