Architectural Product 3D Animation - A Popular Trend!!

Products are a part of our lives and our surroundings, and product design is a process of creating things that are of utilitarian value to the users. However product design is not just that, it includes performance, aesthesis, utility value, durability and much more.  Often product designers and manufacturing companies outsource services to experienced Product 3D animation companies.

Why do product designers outsource 3D modelling and animation services? Let’s understand...

A product designer visualizes and develops rough sketches, drafts and blue prints for a product. These sketches give a blurred overview of how the end product will look, however they do not communicate every design detail. The blueprints on the other hand, are more detailed and carry complete design specifications. These blueprints however are extremely technical, and difficult for any customer to understand. So how can a designer communicate design, just as he has visualized it? Answer - Via product 3D modelling and animation.

After a product’s design is ready, prototypes are prepared and tested. Based on these prototypes the client approves or asks for changes in the design. But, what about products that are extremely expensive to prototype. Prototyping, testing, iterating the designs and prototyping again is difficult. Hence 3D modelling and animation of the product and its working can help get approvals from the client. Making changes at this stage is also easy and cost effective.

Additionally, 3D modelling and animation for the complete operation of a product can also be used in user manuals and to provide training to people who will be operating the product – especially in case of heavy machinery and the likes.

Further 3D modelling and animation of product design can also be used for client presentations and to analyse the product so that further design changes can be amended in order to make the design more suitable , durable, robust high performance and appealing to the user.

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Comment by The Cheesy Animation on June 29, 2015 at 2:58am


Your posted blog is god and also help full for others to making their own project image.


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