Applications Of Steel Trusses In The Modern Day Engineering

A truss is a structure that consists of two-force members , where the members are so assembled  so that they  work as a single structure.The truss framing system  and the names associated with them vary all over the world. However there is a common point that the trusses are typically composed of triangles because of their structural stabilities.

Trusses can be of various types like planar truss, space frame truss, pratt truss, bowstring truss, lenticular and king post truss to name a few. These structural steel have huge significance and contribute to the successful building of various building and non-building structures. The benefits are also endless, some of which are as follows

Benefits of steel roof trusses for Contractors and Builders

  • Trusses are lightweight and easy to install, requiring no extraordinary construction tools
  • Expense wise the builder has full control as the cost of trusses can be determined before
  • Open web designs allow easy installation of all kinds of ductworks
  • Roof truss details such as tray, vaulted or studio ceilings improve the appearance of the all kinds of building structures like churches,offices,homes and commercial buildings
  • Easy and hassle free installion,less time consuming as well
  • Gives scope for  unlimited architectural versatility
  • Application of trusses bring complete flexibility in interior room arrangements
  • Complete ability to withstand natural calamities
  • Highly cost effective
  • They support  storage areas above the ceiling
  • High resistance and durability
  • Preferred for  commercial settings for the fire rating
  • Provides flexibility in the look of the roof system
  • Provides support  and very useful for commercial and industrial sectors

Truss has considerable amount of usage in modern engineering works like bridges, scaffolding and other commercial high rises. The modern architecture is also using trusses for the strength as well as the aesthetic appeal giving birth to new architectural wonders. In other words trusses have earned considerable importance in the modern engineering and construction services and will continue to enjoy its glory for many more years. It offers countless properties and options to meet the various construction requirements with proper insulation features which impart ultimate building strength. Thus truss has become the builder’s delight.

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