ANSYS 12.0 Software Offers Multiple Updates

The latest version of ANSYS’ flagship product debuts as an engineering simulation and integration product that supports Simulation Driven Product Development. The new product touts fast product design and validation features in a complete, virtual environment that captures complex and coupled physical phenomena.

The core of the software is the ANSYS Workbench 2.0 platform – a simulation tool that enables you to set up, visualize, and manage simulations. It captures and automates repeatable processes and calculates productivity gains. The company notes that you can more easily investigate multiple what-if scenarios, optimize your designs across multiple physical phenomena, and design for Six Sigma.

The suite of tools spans a range of multiphysics functions — from structural mechanics to fluid dynamics to thermal analysis to electromagnetics. For instance, fluid flow solver ANSYS Fluent is part of the Workbench platform. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) practitioners can leverage a parametric and modeling environment and gain an access to key enabling technologies such as bi-directional CAD integration, advanced meshing, and post-processing.

In addition, ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager (EKM) provides process and data management tools to archive, search, retrieve, and report simulation data. As a result, you can connect directly on an installed EKM data repository for enterprise or work group requirements, or deploy single-user versions to manage simulation data on a local machine.


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Comment by Andre Bakker on August 24, 2009 at 9:24am
Examples can be found in your CFX installation in ..\ANSYS Inc\v120\CFX\examples.
For more questions you may just want to check with your regular ANSYS support.
Comment by Ali on August 23, 2009 at 11:49pm
thank you for topic!
I want some tutorials about CFX in term of CFD Modeling of Pumps, can you help about that


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