A fan is a mechanical device, which produces a stream or flow of air/gas. The fans are used both at residential and commercial spaces serving different purposes. These are often used to move air or gases via ventilating systems. In industries, these are used to force air inside the hot steam boilers and help to reduce the temperature of machines and other equipment's. Fans function similar to the compressors, which is relatively at low pressures. These are basically divided as axial and centrifugal. Both of them work in a different fashion and have their own pros and cons. Now, let us focus on the axial flow fans as under:

What is an axial flow fan?

An axial flow fan, as the name indicates moves the air/gas parallel to the axis of rotation. Comparing it with the radial or centrifugal flow fans move the air in perpendicular direction to the axis of rotation. The axial flow fans are more suitable for high flow and low resistance applications, while the other fans are simply appropriate to the opposite conditions– low flow and high pressure resistance. The axial flow fans vary in terms of operating features depending upon the blade shape and width along with the tip speed and number of blades in it. These are typically used to cool systems and machines like spot cooling and area ventilation.


The axial flow fans have got its name from the very fact that these push air across the direction of its axis, which is in the linear direction. The blades of the axial fans push the air to move in a parallel direction to its shaft around which their blades move. Such kinds of fans have a wide variety of applications including for the mechanical and electrical machines or systems. The size of axial flow fans can range from small size fans for computers and other electronic gadgets to the huge giant size fans used inside the tunnels.

Application of Axial Flow Fans

The power consuming and the increasing clock speed of components like RAM, processors, graphic and cards in a computer add up a heat production inside the system during its usual functioning. However, all the heated up components are supposed to be kept under particular temperature level just to prevent from issues like overheating and malfunctions. At such junctures, installing small fans inside these high end components inside a computer can serve the purpose of cooling. Axial fans are often used to remove the heated air along with getting cooler air inside the system. In other words, these fans save the computers and its components from any damage.

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