6 useful tips for Aluminium extrusion aging furnace working

Aluminium extrusion aging furnace working instructions

Six useful tips:

1.Alloy,thickness,size,hardness,nature should be same or similar in one furnace for aging treatment according to processing requirement and procedure.

2.Observe circulation fan,circulation cooling water,ignition,inner temp difference,temp increase,heat preservation,door seal,door lifting safety etc.

3.When working under high temp burning working,take care of the oil,gas and ventilation.

4.Loading and unloading,take care of the dropping down,safe distance between trolley and basket.

5.Before working,must make sure no anyone in the furnace,if necessary into the furnace,must be with protection equipment and other people.Furnace not for sleeping,warm,toast etc,when into the furnace,make sure no any inflammables and explosives.

6.Different profiles different processing requirements,cannot load them in same basket.

Aging flow chart:

loading-into furnace-heat preservation-out furnace-air cooling-unloading-analysis

Processing Chart:

Out furnace when reach heat preservation time,first close power and fan,then open door and air cool.When temp under 100℃,inspect the hardness,and write down record data.Write down record data card:Batch number, time,temp,preservation time,date,furnace number,Basket number,extrusion shift number,out furnace time,hardness etc.

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