4 Types of Workplace Accidents and the Ways to Prevent Them

Accidents in the workplace have become a common cause of worry to a significant amount of industrialists. It is a matter of great regret that the rate of mishaps in industries or factories is increasing day by day. So, as an industrialist, if you do not take proper steps to prevent disasters, your workers will be at great risk.

To control the situation or to minimize the risk rate in the workplace, you need to detect the reasons why mishaps take place. The improper building construction is one of the major reasons behind this. Apart from this, there are several other reasons. Once you are successful in detecting the reasons, it will be easy for you to take the safety measures.

Here in the below section, I have talked about some of the common types of workplace accidents or injuries. If you are keen to know about this, you may dive into the below section now.

  1. Falling Objects

Factories are the places, where you can find the use of various types of machines. Sometimes, the machines may fail to function properly, and workers may get injured when the parts of the machines fall upon them. Falling of objects on the workers is one of the most common causes. This will happen when items are not placed in proper places. All the workers should know the proper techniques of appropriate placements of items at the time of transporting them.

  1. Slips And Falls

As per the recent study, a large number of workers faced accidents because of slips and falls. Industries are the places, where the use of chemicals and acids is pretty common. If the chemicals come in contact with the concrete floor, it becomes slippy, and as a result, it causes accidents. To prevent the workers from falling, as an industrialist, you may install a fibreglass anti-slip grating platform. FRP is non-slip in nature, and so the grating platform can give a better grip to the feet of the users.


Apart from this, customized FRP ladder handrail can also minimize the risk rate in factories. Handrails can make the stair area safe by giving the users great support. When the workers get support, they will not easily lose the balance and will not fall.

  1. Cuts And Laceration

There are certain types of industries where the risk of cuts and laceration is really high. Some of the common causes of laceration include the lack of safety procedure, poor training, not wearing proper protection and more. As an owner of an industry, you can reduce the risk of cuts and laceration by providing adequate safety tools and equipment or by giving proper training to your workers.

  1. Chemical Burns

It is already mentioned that the use of chemicals in factories is common. Accidents from the chemical burns occur when the chemical pots are not properly labelled. Sometime, the ignorance of the workers may lead to major accidents. To prevent this, all the bottle of the chemicals should be labelled, and everyone needs to be more cautious.

So, these are the common types of workplace injuries. To stay safe, you need to take the safety measures. You may seek the help of the experts to know more about enhancing safety in the workplace.

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