4 Things to Assess Beforehand Hiring a CAD Drafting Company

CAD drafting companies focus their efforts, and teams are aligned to work in accordance and to help the design drafting and drawing needs of a manufacturing firm. CAD experts and managers essentially should understand the technicalities of shop floor and should depict it in the 2D manufacturing drawings or PMI annotated 3D models for shop floor foremen.

Manufacturers too depend considerably upon the offshore companies, for drafting needs which sets them free from the hassle of designs and CAD shop management. Usually they outsource CAD design tasks based on the good reviews from client testimonials on web or other professionals who previously utilized their services.

Upon finalizing a CAD design and drafting company; enlisted four major things are required to be assessed:

  1. Latest CAD technology

The CAD drafting and design company you hired, should have access and capable to all the latest technologies, platforms, licenses, and authenticated access codes. What happens with duplicate software and old versions is that they tend to be less compatible and have issues to enable cross platform design data exchange. And in industries like building product manufacturing and construction; designs usually are exchanged from CAD to BIM and vice versa. Hence, it is obvious that the CAD services you are availing should be hindrance free.   Otherwise, the exchange would take longer time, due to errors, lost information and fixing the distorted models.

  1. Checking the credibility of the CAD drafting organization

Any CAD company you share your design intelligence, should be trustworthy of keeping the design data confidential. Secondly, the company should have well-versed and skilled drafters onboard, have qualified engineers and managers and appropriate technical knowledge. Certification from Autodesk, PTC etc. are considered standard and reliable to ensure that the quality of designs and drafts you will receive, will adhere to international design standards since these certified CAD drafters are exposed and educated.

Another credibility factor that needs to be checked is client testimonials and gathering knowledge from the past clients. It reveals a lot about the work dedication and fulfilling the commitment needs. If not assessed beforehand, all these factors can hamper your production, cause you delays and not to mention affect your market reputation.

  1. Competence of the CAD drafters and industrial design engineers

The company that you choose should be competent to deliver quality work with accuracy and precision and match the needs of your shop floor. The drafters and engineers should prepare the designs keeping your shop floor’s customized settings in mind. Secondly, they should also be able to handle multiple projects, be it furniture modeling, building products, dedicated sheet metal parts etc.   

  1. Align the goal with you

When you hire a company, you actually are hiring the individual CAD drafter to work with. Thus it becomes important that the CAD drafter should envision the same design intent as you do. They should have enough and sufficient knowledge of your product, customers’ needs and the functionality of the products. They should be able to cope up with the changing design needs, and align their methodologies and design delivery accordingly.

We at Hi-Tech CADD Services have a team of 90+ mechanical CAD drafters, engineers, and managers to help manufacturing firms, fabricators and building product manufacturers across the USA, UK, Europe, Canada and Australia. Besides we have dedicated teams for AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Inventor, Creo, DriveWorks and others.

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