Costa Rica is known for its natural landscapes and beauty that is rarely found in any other part of the world. Rayvat Engineering - 3D Architectural Visualization Studio got an opportunity to draft the vision into reality which is as beautiful as Costa Rica.

The critical aspect of the project was to create modern architecture keeping Costa Rican contemporary art form intact. The Villa was supposed to be built in the middle of the woods without disturbing the natural setting. Our team was highly excited to be a part of the project right from ideation, concept sketches, and final designing.

The client provided us with the floor plan, elevation details as well as the exact geographic location on google maps. Also, detailed notes on the placement of all elements like trellis, bushes, landscaping, and schedule of material and textures were provided in a very organized fashion.

The 3D Modeling was carried out via Autodesk Revit software. The client was asked for confirmation via screenshots of the images as they were not conversant with Revit software. After minor adjustments into modeling, the rendering was carried out via 3DS Max and V-Ray plugins. The complete project is comprising three 3D Exterior images and 5 Interior images completed in a timeframe of 14 business days covering ideation, concept sketches, and final renderings.

We would be glad to be a part of your creative journey! Get in touch with us for creating photo-immersive 3D renders for your project today.

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