3D printer helps solve problem of guiding dental implants

by Leslie Langnau, Managing Editor

It’s not easy for dental surgeons to achieve the precision they need when placing dental implants through freehand surgical techniques. iDent
Imaging Inc
., (Foster City, CA) a provider of 3-D surgical planning
and surgical guides for dental implants, teamed with Objet
Geometries Ltd.
(Rehovot, Israel), an innovation leader of 3D printing
systems, to improve the quality of dental implant placement.

Objet's Eden™ 3D Printers help iDent Imaging engineers rapidly manufacture custom surgical guides generated by iDent’s Scan2Guide™ software. These
3D-printed surgical guides guarantee surgeons the necessary precision.

iDent supplies implant dentists with medical imaging software for the virtual planning of the optimal placement of dental implants based on dental CT
and iGuide™ surgical guides that ensure accurate surgery.

Objet’s 3D printers enable iDent to supply dentists with accurate,

custom guides for predictable, prosthetically- driven implant surgery. Joseph Kowen, Chief Executive Officer at iDent Imaging added, "Our surgical
guides, manufactured using the Objet Eden 3D printers, are produced
in-house as well as through a network of partners and distributors in a
number of locations in the US, Japan, South Africa, South America and
Israel. Local production of guides reduces shipping costs and speeds
delivery of our products to dentists.

iDent’s fully-digital process of treatment planning and iGuides is the fastest way to get from CT scan to surgical guide."

iDent Imaging


Objet Geometries Ltd.


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