Architecture has always two-dimensional with imagery, and down the ages, architects have used different techniques of visualization as a tool to communicate and translate their concepts into reality. Traditionally, two-dimensional drawings were used to design buildings – such modeling was prone to miscalculations and errors in measurement, which often proved costly at the construction site. These 2D drawings were also often difficult to understand and did not represent all the various layers of building the design in one image.

As an architect, you may have the whole project down in vivid detail in your mind. But you need to be able to communicate the elements of your design thinking to your customers and get them to see that your design is just perfect for them. For this, your clients need to understand how the Design Works; and that’s where you often run into a roadblock. Most clients are not able to follow the twists and turns of traditional sketches, 2D plans, and elevations. While they do show accurate representations of spaces and proportions, 2D drawings are just not intelligible to the average layperson. It is often difficult for them to understand the flow of spaces, or to get a real sense of the building layout, functionality and aesthetics.

A beautifully rendered 3D model Serves as a powerful marketing tool for builders or real estate agents. It can create considerable enthusiasm among potential buyers around future development, even before construction has started. Digital models can be posted online as well, allowing for a far greater reach of your project details to an online customer database.

Clearly, there are immense benefits from using 3D models in building construction. New advancements in digital technologies have led to amazing opportunities in the world of architectural modeling. When executed correctly and with care by experienced professionals, a 3D building model can be a tool that will steer your project in the right direction from start to finish. Do contact Rayvat Engineering for the proper guidance in professional architectural modeling services.

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