3D Architectural Modelling – Creating A Virtual World of Building Design

3D Architectural modelling is a useful planning, design and design communication technology that enables creation of a real architectural and building environment into a virtual environment. It personifies the power of visualization and exemplifies the old saying that ‘A picture is worth more than a 1000 words’.

Design Communication Prowess of 3D Modelling

  • A 3d model helps create easy and precise visualization of the external walls or boundaries of buildings, hospitals, residential, commercial properties, schools, institutions and mixed use buildings.
  • It also allows design and visualisation of furniture placement, interior architecture, decoration etc.
  • Modelling using different lights of varying intensities from different angles provides a captivating but realistic look to the building model.
  • Extraordinary design features that a designer seeks to highlight can be added with special interactivity in a walkthrough or a client presentation.

Features of 3d architectural modelling

  • 3D Modelling allows interactive viewing and zoom in and zoom out for various zones of the building which gives a better idea regarding the building’s look across wide range of distances.
  • The rotation of building around a fixed axis is also facilitated in 3d modelling. This helps to view the building from all angles in a single rotation of the building.
  • Wire frame view of models helps to view the 3d model in form of wires. Through wire frame mode one can have the hollow view of the building.
  • Every part of a model has specific effect on its appearance. 3D modelling has the capability to change or substitute any part in order to improve the appearance of the model.
  • Any changes in the design of the building or its interiors, can be easily iterated in a 3D model

Increasing Demand of 3d Modelling Services

3D modelling is capable of creating variety of compact designs for buildings in a virtual environment making them easy to understand and highly flexible. Buildings today, are more complex and projects are getting larger, and interior design has become a service that is highly in demand, as a result the requirement for 3D architectural Modelling services has also grown manifolds.

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