3 Tips for Reducing Errors in Machine Design Revisions


1) Save a Copy of the Original

2) Print the BOM and areas that are changing on complex projects

3) Think and Prepare!!!  In CAD you can do anything.  Not so with a metal part!  A revision means that some or all of the machine exists.  So THINK! 

Hard code holes because they already exist in that spot in the metal part.  You now have to work around existing holes. 

Make sure dependent parts are redefined in your CAD assembly so they are no longer dependent on any parts you are going to remove from the assembly. 

Create new parts with new part numbers if you need a longer part.  Remember, you can't ADD material to an existing metal part.  A 3 inch metal block can not be made into a 4 inch block.  It's easy in CAD, not so easy in the real world of metal and plastic.

more tips on revisions

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Comment by Susan Straley on August 13, 2012 at 8:16am

Thanks for your comments GS Jha.  I agree with you.

A big benefit of saving your original design is that if you DO make a mistake and something moves (like a hole), you can look back at the original and repair the damage.

Plan for the unexpected and human error when making revisions.

Comment by G S Jha on July 27, 2012 at 9:13pm

Revision of any M/c. design is a very sensitive activity.There is no doubt of keeping the original design intact but also it is necessary to keep the plenty of DATA which will make enable to revise the design.The data may be of product produced,tool life,running of the m/c,ease of operators,operation process etc.One point revision may affect its neighbouring parts also.

Hence ample data collection is must before any revision of the m/c. design.


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