2D Floor Plan Design – An age old practice that is still valued for architectural design communication

While the AEC has evolved and has adopted new age technology of virtual reality and the most recent invention – i.e. augmented reality, it still holds on to the conventional age old practice of 2D Floor plan design.

2D floor plan design has not become obscure despite of so much hype and so many benefits that these new tools and technologies impart. Why?

Because creating a 2D floor plan for a building or a facility is easy. Not a very expensive proposition, the 2D floor plans can be created fast and easy for phase 1 design intent communication. Besides, there is no need to invest in hi-end processors and gadgets. Dimensions, proportions, demarcations, furniture placement etc. can be easily viewed and understood with a 2D floor plan.

What is a 2D floor plan design?

  • It is like viewing a building from the top ‘a bird’s eye view’
  • Each and every element present on the floor can be viewed as it looks from the top
  • In 2D floor plan all elements on the floor such as furniture, beds, stairs, sofa and carpets are represented in two dimensions i.e. breadth x width
  • Certain demarcation like doors and windows are depicted using certain symbols (which of-course are easy to understand)
  • Each element is differentiated with various colours or patterns    

It needs to be noted that here the view is scaled to exact dimensions, hence iterating design and changing the placement of furniture using 2D floor plans is possible.

When the deadlines are tight and client presentation needs to be done fast, 2D floor plan design is the right choice. In addition to being a great way to present your first plans to clients it can also make way into your project documentation and marketing collaterals.

Just like a designer uses doodles to impress the viewer and to put forth that streak of creativity into the design boards, an architect uses the 2D floor plans to showcase expertise, impress clients and bag the best projects.

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Source Link: https://architectural3dvisualizationandrendering.wordpress.com/2015/08/04/2d-floor-plan-design-an-age-old-practice-that-is-still-valued-for-architectural-design-communication

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