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Why is writing an Industry CV such a hard process?

Writing a CV for the first time is a difficult process for many people, yet we are only writing about ourselves, not a subject that needs studying to understand the topic at hand. In most blogs giving out advice about what to include in your CV, it will most likely to be as precise and concise about the experiences you have accumulated thus far that will give an employer a background on your potential within their firm.

Should you include failures?

Writing a CV…


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If you are keen on online marketing, I believe you have heard of the word backlinking. Also known as link building, backlinking is a search engine optimization (SEO) term that refers to hyperlinks on one website that when clicked, take you to another website.

Many people including have embraced this SEO marketing tactic. Some of its benefits are explained below.


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Decoding unlimited Internet and its utility for Industry

Unlimited Internet is a must for those who require a large amount of data on their digital devices. This article explores the uses of unlimited Internet and how to get it.

Unlimited or Infinite Internet is a term that describes data volumes allotted for postpaid or broadband Internet plans. As the name suggests, the plan has unlimited amount of Internet data for use every month. This is an excellent benefit, as opposed to the fixed amount of data that…


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Ways in Which Data Science is Changing Many Industries for the Better

Data science is the latest buzz, and while lots of money has been invested in the collection and storage of this cutting-edge technology, its real-life application has been delaying and for many reasons. However, data science is changing the world, and with time, it is expected to be incorporated into more industries. Data science: Fulfilling a real need in the channel. There…


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Partnering with Merchant Account Solutions will benefit your business extraordinarily

Payments have evolved greatly over the past decades. There was a time when people can only pay in cash. As time went on, things have already changed. A lot of people would expect to pay for the items that they purchase in a fast and easy way. If they feel that they are spending too much time paying, you can already expect that they will not be too happy about it. If you are a business owner, you already know - the payment methods that you offer have to work every time.




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Essential Plumbing Tools Your Toolbox Must Have

Do you want to start a DIY plumbing project? Or do you think there could be a plumbing problem striking soon? Before you begin tackling any plumbing issue, you have to make sure your toolbox has essential plumbing tools.

If you are a homeowner, expect to face plumbing issues every day. Some problems are complex and will require hiring Rørlegger Frigstad expert with specialized tools. However, it's comfortable for you to dive into a…


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Ups and Downs of Investing

Have you been thinking about investing? There are TONS of ways you can invest in your future. Really, every time you put forth your own money for investing, you’re taking a risk. You are taking a risk in gaining more money or losing money. Here is an intro to the ups and downs of investing.


Types of investment risk

  1. Market risk - There are several times of market risk. Everything from equity risk to currency…

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Industries Benefiting From the Use of Collaborative Robots

Companies are continuously striving to increase their productivity and become more adaptable to the dynamic market in order to gain competitive advantage in their respective industry. However, there are a lot of challenges, which act as roadblocks toward the attainment of maximum productivity and efficiency.

Some of the problems encountered include, labor shortages, high wage demands by employees and growing demand for personalized products by customers. The best solution to these…


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How to Successful Achieve Implementation of Collaborative Robots

The demand for industrial robots in automated production system continues to grow. This is a result of the game changing robotic models from the Universal Robots Company known as the collaborative robots or popularly referred to as cobots. They can work safely alongside employees since they are very safe and easy to operate. They are lightweight making them easy to redeploy to other areas in the factory.

Due to the numerous benefits that the cobots have to offer they have received an…


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