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Advantages of using CAD for Industrial 2D Drafting & 3D Modeling

Talking about the times before CAD era and digital designs, engineers and drafters had to produce the technical drawings, documents, and designs - manually. The lines, shapes, curvatures, surface finish, manufacturing processes, everything had to be inserted manually and it was a really tedious…


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Fabrication Shop Drawings’ Unprecedented involvement for Successful Construction Project

Gradual advent of prefabrication concept in construction industry has cut general contractors and structural engineers some slack. On-site risks have diminished to a considerable level but the need to have acute coordination between designs has raised its bar.…


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Industrial Components: Adopt Modern Means For Deviation Analysis

Fabricators and manufacturing firms suffer from tangible and intangible losses, resulting in heavy costs due to abrupt production downtimes. In such situation, when time and accuracy are at the zenith of product delivery, product manufacturers cannot afford slowdowns. One of the best means to avoid losses is to rectify designs and make them error free right from inception. Proper inspection followed by amendments at early design…


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3D CAD for Designers Offer Much More Than Modeling To Boost The Productivity

During past few years, design engineers’ nature of work has changed drastically with acceptance of CAD software in the industry. Someone who has learned the skills of AutoCAD in his early university days will not be able to compete with other market players, who recently have had training for the same…


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Sheet Metal Design; These 7 Tips Will Improve Its Strength

Being lightweight, non-corrosive, conducive and strong, sheet metal finds myriad of applications in almost every industry. The design of sheet metal as such is critical and is a strong backbone for a good quality product.

Being a sheet…


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How Additive Manufacturing is Redefining Product Development in Auto Industry

Following the footsteps of aerospace industry, automotive manufacturers too have begun adopting additive manufacturing to reduce manufacturing cost and improve performance. The technology has grown from simply prototyping to assisting in concept development through final production. It is possible for automobile…


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Is Browser Based CAD Really the Future for Product Design Development?

With CAD seeing an increased popularity in the recent years, the related tools and services have seen vigorous new developments and innovations with effort directed towards making it easier to operate. When weighing its several recent changes, attention is drawn to the browser based applications such as OnShape, AutoCAD Fusion 360, etc.…


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Creating Superior Value for Customers through Distributed Product Development

Manufacturers of all sizes are consistently in a pursuit to bring new offerings for their customers. However, in a tightly competitive environment, it is important to understand the changing customer demands and dynamic markets to remain successful.



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Are “U” Certified?

From food processing and water treatment plants to chemical processing units and nuclear power plants, there is often a network of pressure vessels that keep the system functioning and make our lives better. Storing high pressurized fluid and sometimes even solid particles in a tight container can explode easily, if the design engineer falls short of giving enough strength to the pressurized container.…


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Important Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Rapid Prototyping

You probably would have heard about the growing 3D printing technology, penetrating the conventional manufacturing market and redefining the ways products are being developed.

Stories have spread all over the internet in form of videos and articles, showing how easily anyone can print the products simply through CAD modeling and pushing…


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Rapid Prototyping: The Disruptive Technology Changing the Traditional Manufacturing Supply Chain

It is undeniable to consider rapid prototyping as a revolutionary technology that holds the potential to disrupt the conventional part manufacturing techniques. Estimated to be a $6 billion market by 2017, rapid prototyping or 3D printing is destined to create number of opportunities along with threats for manufacturers around the…


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SolidWorks as an Efficient Design Tool for Oil & Gas Industry

Today’s ever-evolving global energy marketplace faces multiple challenges in product development and equipment designing to meet competitive requirements of the market. The increasing cost of energy and the demand to improve the safety and focus on environmental concerns has put a pressure on design engineers that develop equipments…


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6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing 3D CAD System for Product Development

A majority of the manufacturing organizations employ 3D CAD systems for their product design and development needs. However, there are still organizations that perform design operations using 2D drafting tools.

Although, 2D drafting is an efficient approach in many…


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Developing Lighter yet Stronger Products through Topology Optimization

Product cost is one of the prominent factors that manufacturers strive to reduce through evaluating number of design alternatives. It is for this reason why simulation tools are being extensively exploited, so that conventional design can be altered to an extent where products can be developed competitively in terms of price and quality.

As such,…


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CAD Modeling Tips for Subtractive Manufacturing Requirements

CAD model hold many promises to be delivered during the design and manufacturing processes. It is the sole entity that decides the quality of the product as every single process is based upon this virtual model.

Developing a product model through CAD tools is something very common that you find in any manufacturing organization. Its use has…


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5 Ways to Improve Productivity in CAD Modeling Process

Product or part design using CAD has managed to improve the development processes in manufacturing and design firms significantly. However, the process of 3D CAD solid modeling can be cumbersome and time consuming if not done right.…


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How Model Based Definition (MBD) Can Help Optimize Product Manufacturing

The idea behind Model Based Definition is to incorporate manufacturing and inspection information in 3D models as compared to developing separate 2D drawings from 3D models for manufacturing requirements.

The use of 2D drafting is declining significantly as 3D…


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Benefits of Using Rapid Prototyping Technique for Jigs and Fixtures

A manufacturing shop floor cannot be imagined without jigs and fixtures. While jig helps in improving repeatability, accuracy and interchangeability in manufacturing of products, fixtures are used to securely locate and support the work to ensure conformity while manufacturing.

The production efficiency as such relies heavily on these tools,…


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Benefits of Outsourcing Reverse Engineering Projects

Reverse engineering is a cost-effective approach towards product innovation and is often utilized by manufacturers to evaluate competitor products. The process of RE involves understanding the product design and the manufacturing processes involved to realize the potential required to build a similar or an improved version of the product.

While the…


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Getting It Right the First Time: Product Development through Simulation

Developing an engineering product has a direct relation with the manufacturing time. As a manufacturing firm, staying ahead in the market competition requires substantially reducing the investments in terms of cost and time in design development, manufacturing processes and product marketing.

The situation becomes even worse when there is a need to…


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