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Rock and Roll industrial design

I'm always interested in how people use CAD software to do interesting projects.

Nout Van Heumen is an industrial designer and engineer whose day job, so to speak, is in the packaging and insulation business. But Hout has developed a name for himself by taking on some really interesting freelance jobs.

One of his projects that I particularly like is the Aristedes OIO guitar. If you check out the picture of this guitar, you can see that it's pretty cool looking. It's also pretty…


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NASA's Curiosity rover and the Teflon problem

When the Curiosity rover successfully landed on mars, the engineers at JPL became technology's new rock stars.

It was an amazing accomplishment, and all the people on the Mars Science Laboratory team at JPL deserve accolades.

From my perspective, as a long-time observer of the engineering software industry, I imputed a lot of their success to a combination of smart people, good tools, and strong processes.

Yet, something has been bothering me about Curiosity. In a word:…


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How the floppy disk was invented, by accident.

At HP's Input Output site, Steven Vaughan-Nichols writes about the History of the Floppy Disk.  

He points to Alan Shugart, who, in 1967, was direct access storage manager at IBM, and was resposible for assigning David Nobel to lead the development of a reliable and…


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How to bust a baby buggy

Let's Go Design is an interactive web video series presented by SolidWorks, and hosted by Jeremy Luchini, a SolidWorks employee. According to SolidWorks, this web series “brings CAD fanatics from around the world together to collaborate on innovative design projects.”

The most recent project on Lets Go Design was a “hot rod baby buggy.” The goals of the project were that it had to be cool and fun, couldn't endanger…


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Are you a Top Engineer?

Discovery Channel says they're seeking America's top inventors, machinists and engineers to compete for a huge grand prize, in their new show: Top Engineer.

Of course, you don't have to be an engineer to compete in this new show. Any kind of techie will do. So long as you have an outgoing personality and look good on camera, you're gold. Just send an email to TopEngineerCasting@gmail.com with your name, age,…


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How to kill dummies with a roller coaster

I was reading on time.com about The Swarm, a new roller coaster at Thorpe Park, outside London, that has a bit of a problem. According to the article, they've found that their crash-test dummies sometimes come back missing limbs.

Roller coasters are marvelously engineered machines. Bolliger & Mabillard Consulting…


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The engineer who tried to stop the Challenger Shuttle launch

Roger Boisjoly died last month, at the age of 73. You've probably never heard of him.  Like many engineers, he worked in relative obscurity, doing the sort of things that seldom make the news.

In July, 1985, while working at Morton Thiokol, he wrote a memo to his bosses concerning the faulty design of the Space Shuttle's solid rocket boosters that, if left…


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How to lose races with CFD

Computational Fluid Dynamics is serious stuff. Do it wrong, and you can lose the race.

That's what the Marussia F1 team (the ex-Virgin team) learned over the last couple of racing seasons. Autosport.com reports that the team relied solely on CFD for its first two designs—and found…


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