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Why is Engineering Change Management so Hard?

A good friend of mine . . .  who shall remain nameless . . . . just got out of a "come to Jesus" meeting because a major change to an important fixture in their product was missed. Not a good day to be him . . .

It's scary to admit, but missing a poorly documented change can happen to anyone (to a varying degree of severity). It all comes down to your processes, and how tightly you're managing changes to your product with ECO/ECRs.

Obviously, working at Arena has convinced me…


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Do engineers consider supply chain risk when looking for parts

A recent Chainlink survey revealed that 45% of companies devote less than $50,000 each year…


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Could open-design hardware ever replace proprietary design?

I always enjoy reading the musings of my company's CTO, Eric Larkin. I found his most recent post about open-design hardware particularly interesting.(Not to mention, I appreciated the throw-back to the days of…


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