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Is Social Media a Fad?

While I was out in the Twitterverse, I came across a youtube video that was very powerful.  It basically starts out with the question "Is social media a fad?"; from there, it goes to illustrate how social media has taken over the cyber world and is revolutionizing the way we think about everything, including business.  It is no coincidence that the creator of Facebook,…


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Social Media: The New PR Fire Extinguisher

So today I came across an article about a deadly venomous snake that is missing from the New York City Zoo.  This Egyptian Cobra, which can easily take down an elephant within hours (not to mention a human within minutes), has been missing for a few days now, and zoo keepers believe that the cobra is hiding out…


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Using To Track Your Twitter ROI


People tell you that your business should be on Twitter, but as a marketer, you are pressed to show that Twitter has a positive ROI.  You put out tweets with links, but how can you tell if people are reading your tweets?

If you are familiar with the Twitter world, you are most certainly familiar with links (pronounced “bitly”), but even if…


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#Tweetchatting For Beginners

Think that Twitter is irrelevant?  Think again.

Think that Twitter is just for spamming?  You’re wrong.

Think that Twitter is not for the average Joe? You may be surprised.



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Twitter > Facebook? For Marketers, Yes Indeed

Facebook and Twitter are arguably the largest and most influential social media sites of the day.  As a social media markter, I use a wide variety of social media sites, and I agree that Twitter and Facebook is where I spend the majority of my time and efforts.  I do this because the first rule of marketing is, “Go where your customers are”.

Seventy-eight percent of all social media traffic goes through Facebook, while…


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How Groupons Drive Buisness

In case you haven’t noticed, the world of marketing has been rapidly changing. Thanks to social media and the free flow of communication and word-of-mouth capabilities, marketers are finding new, better, and

moreefficient ways to reach their target market.

One emerging marketing tactic that is catching on is “collective buying” or more commonly called “groupons”. The term “groupon” most likely comes from the site…


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How Companies Are Shortcoming Their Sales Teams

In the era of Facebook, Google , Twitter and Yelp (an extensive product review site), buyers have as much control over the flow of information they receive as salespeople have available to them. The process of buying was once a one-way interaction between an informed seller and a curious buyer, but it has now become a conversation between equals, and the revolution in buying behavior…


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