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Future of Lab Automation

Lab automation or Laboratory automation is a multi-disciplinary strategy to develop, research and optimize technologies in the clinical laboratory. The application of this technology in laboratories helps to achieve higher levels of performance in less time. Laboratory automation aids increasing productivity, reducing lab process cycle times, elevating experimental data quality and enabling easy experimentation. Moreover, the system includes development of the…


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Neuromodulation: New Innovation And Perception

Neuromodulation is a technology that directly reacts on the nerves. It is the delivery of stimulus directly to the target area. It is very effective as it can treat almost every disease from headache to spinal cord damage. The therapy provides relief from pain and steer away the side effects. Some of its applications are spinal cord stimulation, deep brain simulation, and sacral nerve stimulation. Electrodes are attached to the brain to carry out the…


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Thermal Analysis basics, applications, and benefit

The worldwide thermal analysis market is anticipated to encounter a critical development over the figure time frame. The market is anticipated to be impacted by expanded use of warm investigation in different ventures, for example, polymers, food, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, organic and inorganic chemicals among others. Thermal analysis instruments ordinarily measure dimension change, weight loss, heat flow, or mechanical properties as a component of temperature. Thermal analysis is…


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Aircraft Interiors Market To Grow By $1 Billion In Next Six Years

A “perfect storm” of forthcoming new airplanes, rapid advancements in cabin-related technologies, and increased passenger expectations for comfort and customization is driving a wave of investments in commercial aircraft cabins.

The aircraft cabin upgrade market has witnessed the growth in the last three years owing to the demand for new aircraft globally. The end-user of the aircraft is continuously…


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Wireless Infrastructure Evolves as Industry Moves Toward 5G

Wireless infrastructure plays a crucial role in how businesses, citizens and governments operate in today’s mobile-first world. These networks are critical to everything from education and business to public safety and health care. Wireless networks in the U.S. delivered 42.7 petabytes of data every day in 2016, a figure expected to…


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Advancement in Aircraft Lighting Technology

Growth in the recent five years is primarily driven by three major factors, such as rising demand for energy efficient aircraft lights and noteworthy increase in aircraft deliveries.…


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Smart Containers — A New Container Technology Set To Disrupt The Logistics Marketplace

In today’s world, containers are a crucial part of the logistics industry. They are the main elements in the market which according to many, have no room for more transformations and adaptations.

However, for , which is a new startup based in Switzerland, containers can definitely change and adapt to the current technologies and trends.…


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3D Machine Vision Technology to Revolutionize the Vision Guided Robotic Industry

“blind” robots or traditional industrial robots are designed to perform a simple task, whereas vision guided robots with an advanced vision system are capable of performing critical tasks with variation and flexibility. In past few years, several techniques were introduced to automate the procedure of gripping parts of an industrial robot as a substitute to the existing manual part procurement. Due to the rapidly progressing machine vision technology, vision…


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Which Soil Moisture Sensor Should You Choose?

Soil moisture sensors are used to measure the water content in soil. Various laboratory and field measurement approach including remote sensing are available to measure soil moisture content, but the fastest and best one is with the use of soil moisture sensor devices. The soil moisture sensor can reduce outdoor water use by up to 62% or more over traditional irrigation methods.…


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Space Launch Industry Analysis

Rise in investment in space exploration activities by governments, surge in satellite launches across the world, and demand for commercial non-geostationary satellite orbit (NGSO) space launches drive the global space launch services market. However, high initial cost of investment and concerns related to interoperability hinder the market growth. On the other hand, space tourism and product innovation to reduce prices of space launch create new opportunities…


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Airline Ancillary Services: The Next Evolution of Air Merchandising

Exponential growth in the passengers traveling through airways is majorly influenced by the rapidly emerging middle-class segment in developing economies. The remarkable increase in the working group in the developing region has resulted in up surged disposable income and freight traffic. Majority of the rising middle class was witnessed in China and India (as described by the United Nations). Furthermore, as the world continues to recover from previous…


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Future of Quantum Cryptography

Present standards for encryption depend upon the incompetency of traditional computers to factor big numbers that serves as a basis of a number of popular cryptography methods. This further raises an entire new order for cyber security distress for the organizations, who may certainly find the paths of encrypted data cracked open at ease. Thus to address all these concerns, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)…


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BAE Systems Entered Into An Agreement with Advanced Military Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Center

BAE Systems plc. under its air segment covers the Group’s aviation testing products mainly for military, commercial, and aerospace industry. The company focuses offer a range of aviation testing products to enhance its reach and get connected with the world.

Download PDF Brochure…


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Aircraft Flight Control System Industry Smart Strategies of the Research and Development Process

Increasing demand of aircraft due to consistent growth of air travel is the driving factor for growth of this market whereas higher cost of manufacturing and integration of aircraft flight control system on aircraft restrain the market growth. Opportunities for this market is increased demand for lightweight flight control systems.

Aircraft flight control system market (FCS) is a combination of automation and…


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Heat Exchangers in the Aviation Engineering

Nowadays, growth in aircraft has increased substantially as the airlines in the developed countries are ordering increased number of aircraft to meet the continuously growing air travel demand. Due to the growing demand for several aircraft, the demand for its numerous systems and equipment such as heat exchanger has also increased. The two most commonly used heat exchanger widely used in the aviation sector is flat tube and plate-fin. Both play an essential…


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Aircraft Electrical Systems--Analysis Trends and Future Prospects

The aircraft electrical system is a self-contained network of components that generate, transmit, distribute, utilize, and store electrical energy. In recent years, the aviation industry has undergone tremendous changes such as no-bleed systems aircraft architecture and development of hybrid and electric propulsion systems. Moreover, the growing trend towards developing electrical components for optimum performance is expected to boost the aircraft electrical system market. Key industry…


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How To Cope With Future Developments In Aircraft Line Maintenance Industry

 Aircraft line maintenance is the repair, inspection or modification of an Aircraft. Inspection of an aircraft is done by predetermined schedules. Line and base maintenance are the ways which help in inspection of the aircraft where base maintenance includes activities which require the aircraft to be taken out of service for longer periods whereas line maintenance activities are…


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New Technology for Industrial Robotic Welding

Robot welding is the use of mechanized programmable tools (robots), which completely automate a welding process by both performing the weld and handling the part. Processes such as gas metal arc welding, while often automated, are not necessarily equivalent to robot welding, since a human operator sometimes prepares the materials to be welded. Robot welding is commonly used for resistance spot welding and arc welding in high production applications, such as the automotive…


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Aircraft Landing Gear Industry: Strategic Insights

Aviation industry is quite dynamic in nature as it adapts quickly with the ever-changing market forces and customer expectations. The macroeconomic trends across geographies shape the overall growth outlook of aviation industry. The three major macro factors that are affecting the growth of global aviation industry include rising demand of air travel, regulatory and infrastructure developments, and technological advancements in aircrafts.…


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Flight Inspection -- Latest Innovation, Analysis Trends and Future Prospects

Flight inspection ensures periodic evaluation of navigational aids employed in aviation, such as flight procedures and electronic signal for the safety and accuracy purposes. The North America market is expected to witness good growth due to the emergence of regulatory guidelines for airport infrastructural development. Establishment of new standards is likely to create a favorable landscape for the key players of the flight inspection market.

The flight inspection market is expected…


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