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Tours of Two Simple Weld Fixtures

Besides actually doing the design work and seeing how it functions in reality,  another great way to learn is to take a close look at what other designers have done,  to listen to their horror stories,  to hear why they do things a certain way.

So, it is my hope that you will learn a bit from watching the video and the slide show.  And if it spurs a memory or an idea, feel free to share it so that we can all learn together.…


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11 Ideas for Clamping in Weld Fixture Design

In Weld Fixture Design you need to think how to best hold your product parts in place and keep them there while they are being welded.

Check out some images and ideas for clamping in this post from Rentapen's Weld Fixture Design 101.

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3 Tips for Reducing Errors in Machine Design Revisions


1) Save a Copy of the Original

2) Print the BOM and areas that are changing on complex projects

3) Think and Prepare!!!  In CAD you can do anything.  Not so with a metal part!  A revision means that some or all of the machine exists.  So THINK! 

Hard code holes because they already exist in that spot in the metal part.  You now have to work around existing holes. 

Make sure dependent parts are redefined in your CAD assembly so…


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