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Minarik Drives has an opportunity in their Engineering Department

Passing this job opportunity from our friends at Minarik Drives for a Product Design Engineer...


We have an immediate need for a circuit design-capable BSEE with knowledge of motor control firmware and hardware and three to five years’ industry experience in product specification, hardware and software design for AC and DC motor drives, power control and mixed circuit design, and product validation testing.  Working directly with a wide network of external customers,…


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Seesmic Integration

You can now update your Engineering Exchange profile via Seesmic desktop. Seesmic allows you to update multiple networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and now the EX at the same time. Seesmic can be downloaded here

Once downloaded you have to add the plug-in to the app - that can be found here -…

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Congrats to Doug Robinson - Fluke Multimeter Winner!

Pleased to announce that Doug Robinson is the winner of the Facebook promotion! Doug was randomly chosen from the pool of entries for a Fluke 87 5 Industrial True RMS Multimeter.

Doug is currently a student obtaining an Environmental Engineering degree.

Best and thanks to everyone for…

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Get a Fluke Multimeter

Hello Engineering Exchange Members - quick note to let you know about a contest to win a Fluke Multimeter just by becoming a fan of Design World. I'm also curious of course to see how many folks are using Facebook that are on the DW group, so if your inclined, fan us! The winner will be announced end of August. (sorry US only- this time around) Thanks!…


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Engineer Awesome

Videos, An Engineering Mind, Cool apps and more -

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Step Motor Innovations for High Efficiency Machines

Presentation today available now for download here>>

This technical webinar covered features of step motor design, efficiency and application. Topics covered include switching sequences, losses, motor losses, iron losses, hysteresis losses, lamination, rotor design and much more. Brought to you by the Motion Control Association (MCA) and Design World. Speaker: Craig Ludwick of Oriental Motor.

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Volume Widget Calculator

Another calculator widget we just finished at Design World - as always, would like to get any feedback and ideas for future development. We also added a menu item under resources on the EX here that links direct into the widget library: here we have a number of calculators, news and multi-media widgets.


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Step Motor Basics Calculator

Looking for feedback on our latest calculator widget on step motor basics, features torque, speed, inertia, distance and resolution. Thanks!



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How to Design a Custom Brushless PM Motor

[ Design World Exchange Featured Editorial - Join the Discussion ]

When off-the-shelf motors can’t meet the specs, you might have to go custom, but it’s not as bad as it used to be.

Pilotless aircraft engine controls and avionics have joined with the “X-box” and miniature motor-control devices and graphics displays to create a new generation aircraft designated the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV. Aerial vehicle names like… Continue

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Load Control via Bellows Couplings

[ Design World Exchange Featured Editorial - Join the Discussion ]

For years, bellows couplings have been a mainstay for efficient motion systems because they offer high torsional stiffness, low moment of inertia, and minimal restoring forces under misalignment. They may help maintain tight control over loads, which is especially critical when considering that the flexible coupling often represents the point of least stiffness in an electromechanical system. In this… Continue

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3D CAD and Model-Centric Design

Design World Open Discussion Feature:

A landmark study from Aberdeen Group reports that 85% of the current CAD users still primarily use 2D drafting. This astonishing statistic means that most companies use CAD software as a drafting tool to create orthographic views to represent 3D objects.

Drawings alone are no longer adequate to capture the design innovations that engineers create. So why are we still using an approach that is open to interpretation… Continue

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Calculator Widgets

I'm in the process of developing calculators/conversion tools in widget format- shareable, portable format and looking for feedback. Here is the first version- embedded here:

Any feedback, suggestions, etc would be great- what calc's are most useful, what would you like to see,… Continue

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Elektro the Westinghouse Robot

I came across a scan I had of a robot design / concept from what I imagined was from the 50's - and figured it was a joke of sorts, or wacky concept. The engineers even ensured that the robot had a bellows apparatus so the humanoid robot could smoke - a sure sign of the times.

It turns out a few of these were actually produced and Westinghouse… Continue

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SLA Makes WALL-E Look Battered

The real life WALL-E that visits newsrooms, tradeshows, and media had to look like the animated WALL-E from the movie. It takes a lot of care to make WALL-E look old and battered.

Because the animated WALL-E from the movie has been around for a long time, his digital body had been weather-worn and beat up by the work he does – compacting trash and stacking it neatly. Computer animation allowed animators to create the look and feel of a well-worn WALL-E, but… Continue

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Infrastructure Software Simplifies Factory Design

V8i, said to be the most comprehensive infrastructure software ever assembled in a single release was introduced by Bentley Systems. Although it includes products for all infrastructure design needs from wind power to bridges and dams, we’re particularly impressed with the software tools included for designing factories and manufacturing facilities. The V8i portfolio leverages and extends core capabilities of its new interoperability platform to provide the breadth and depth of… Continue

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Wireless Really?

Reading this article: "The Festo sensor/actuator level now features one of the fastest and most reliable short-range wireless communications systems available. WISA-COM, the wireless communications standard from ABB, will in future facilitate wear-free signal transmission to I/O modules. This will increase machine availability and reduce engineering and assembly costs."

I was involved with motion networks a few years ago (going from ±10V to 100BaseT) and although wiring… Continue

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Fiber Helps Energy-Generating Aerial Wind Turbine Lift Off

Kuraray America’s Vectran® fiber is used in a cable tether that suspends a new type of alternative energy device – a lighter-than-air tethered wind turbine that rotates about a a horizontal axis in response to wind, generating electrical energy.

Vectran is the core of a braided cable tether that is wrapped with copper to carry electrical currents. The tether is part of a connection system that hooks the generators on each side of the… Continue

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Green TIPS

Every month Design World puts together GreenTIPS - a digital edition covering green practices related to design engineering. At DW we define green engineering as the design, commercialization and use of processes and products that are feasible and economical while minimizing:

• Generation of pollution at the source.

• Risk to human health and the environment.

Green Engineering can transform existing engineering disciplines and practices to those that lead to… Continue

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Lotus Engineering is celebrating its latest accolade after triumphing at ‘The Engineer Technology + Innovation Awards 2008’ with another environmentally focused project. The winning project, Project HOTFIRE, developed a gasoline direct injection (GDI) engine concept that reduces fuel consumption by 15% and was named the leading academic collaborative project in the automotive sector.

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BattleBots, Blendo and DualVee

Great story here- excerpt on the development of Blendo.

Enter Jamie Hyneman, founder of San Francisco visual effects shop M5 Industries and host of the Discovery Channel’s MythBusters, who discovered DualVee bearings at a surplus store years before his television debut.

“I ran across them and thought they had an unusual design that was really quite elegant,” Hyneman says of DualVee. “I looked at the grooved edge and thought, ‘Hmm,… Continue

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