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Tactfully using SolidWorks for Surface Modeling

“SolidWorks is fundamentally a solid modeler.”

On the contrary to this popular belief across the industrial design engineer’s fraternity; SolidWorks offers a range of 3D modeling and sketching tools that help the design engineer…


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2D CAD vs MBD: Challenges in Reading Many-facets of Design Interpretation

In the age of 3D CAD model annotations, there still exists manufacturing organizations and manufacturers who are not even close to dropping 2D manufacturing drawings for daily shop floor operations.…


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Reverse Engineering Solutions: Eliminating Metal Support Structures

Owing to the lower fabrication costs, higher durability and easy availability, sheet metal parts are extensively used in the industrial machinery, especially for enclosures and fixtures. Physical properties of light weight and relatively high hardness make…


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How Product Configurator increases Profitability for Building Product Designers

Today’s building product industry is required to…


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3D CAD Generative Designs: Making Impossible Industrial Designs Possible

Imagine the number of design alternatives that come with the exploration of all possible permutation and combinations of a…


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Furniture: Mass Customization Can Boost Up Underperforming Business

Mass Customization for Furniture Manufacturers: End of “One Size Fits All”…


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Sheet Metal Enclosures: Engineering of Designs & Art of Designing

Sheet metal designing is a complex process and requires several skills related to metal works, and compromises in design intent, machine capability…


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Invest in CAD for Aircraft Design to Supercharge the Benefits

Today’s growing need of bringing down product development time is evidently felt more in the aerospace industry. The major contributing factor to keep product development schedules short is to have a strong digital design process in place.

Traditional Mylar sheets…


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Outsource Reverse Engineering of Products for Enhanced Quality and Accuracy

In 2013, DailyMail reported that Iran has been mass producing copies of US drone through reverse engineering of designs from the machine that they had captured. While this is a talk of two different nations, firms at every level in various nations too use reverse engineering as an emerging tool for quality end products.…


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Why Process Industries Should Adopt Solid Modeling?

Process equipment manufacturers and plant owners still have 2D design approach across many phases. As a design support company, our clients from this specific industry…


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Adopt 3D CAD in the Product Design Process to Improve Productivity

Bringing an innovative product to the market involves multiple steps, and the first step is to bring conceptual…


Added by Jaydeep Chauhan on September 12, 2016 at 3:00am — 1 Comment

Improved Finite Element Simulations to Expedite Product Development

Sheet metal parts are increasingly being developed by simulating the deformation process, in order to optimize the development time and improve the design quality. These…


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