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Design World's new Motion Control Handbook/Selection Guide is now Online

Our team here at Design World has put together a follow up to last year’s Motion Control Handbook, this time with an emphasis on how to select the right components for your motion control system.

The goal is to make you aware of the most important considerations for sizing and selecting components for motion control applications. As you probably already know, entire textbooks have been written on just the physics and dynamics of the mechanical and electrical systems…


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Applying Stepper Motors Webinar

Join us next Wednesday June 20th at 2PM EST for a free webinar titled "Applying Stepper Motors: Application Questions You Must Answer & Things to Watch Out For." 


Presented by Design World and ElectroCraft, the presenter is Tim Burke, Chief Engineer at ElectroCraft. 


Click on the link below for more information and to register for what will be an informative webinar. 



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PLCs, Malicious Software, and Cyber Warfare

It isn't every day that PLCs and national security are mentioned in the same sentence. Although perhaps they should be. Which is why this segment from CBS's "60 Minutes" on the Stuxnet virus caught my attention. The piece sheds some light on the shadowy world of computer viruses and how software is being used by state military and intelligence agencies to conduct stealth wars by attacking the very unglamorous control infrastructures that are controlled by PLCs.


The piece…


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To metric or not to metric? Is that (still) the question?

Recently, in response to an article headline that included our good ol’ Fahrenheit temperature unit, a reader took us to task for not using the international Celsius standard.

That sparked a conversation about the U.S.’s continued use of the imperial system of measurement, both in the wider culture but especially in the design engineering world.

So what do you, our Engineering Exchange members, think? Is it worth it to revisit the subject of using only metric units, or… Continue

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Who still uses brushed DC motors?


With all the new, slick motor technologies that are standard fare in any design engineer's toolbox, you would think that the old workhorse brushed DC motor is about as relevant as the horse-and-buggy. But hold on a minute. This tried and true motor has been around since the very beginnings of the electrical revolution in the 19th century and it isn't going away any time soon.


Dan Jones, a well-respected industry stalwart and motor design and motion control guru,…


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(Almost) Frictionless Micro Linear Motors?

Traditional linear motors were designed by essentially rolling out a permanent-magnet rotary motor into a linear, flat machine. But a new micro linear motor re-imagines this traditional design with the added benefits of reduced component wear and a significant decrease in friction.

Read all about it here:…


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