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At what price profit?

How far should a company go for profit? Is defective product ever a good defense for profit? These are questions I’m pondering as I listen to the latest news about another (yes, another) defective product from China. This time the product is drywall. (Previous examples of defective product from China include pet food tainted with rat poison; toys painted with lead-based paint; and tainted baby formula that killed a number of babies in China.) Apparently, homebuilders have been buying drywall… Continue

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News you can use: For rapid prototyping, Quickparts unveils Instant email quoting

If given the opportunity to receive a quote more quickly than you do now, would you take it? I know, silly question. Quickparts just launched a new instantquotes@quickparts.com email address. When you use this option, you can skip the process of logging on to the company's website and uploading your file. Use of the email address makes the process of obtaining a quote simpler and shorter.

Instead, you email your .STL files to the instantquotes@quickparts.com email address and the… Continue

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Batten down the hatches?

A couple of years ago, as Ethernet took a commanding role in industrial networking, I questioned companies on whether they saw a need to secure their industrial networks from hackers and others. The usual answers I received went something like this: “why would anyone want to steal bits of data from sensors and other smaller devices that are used by controls to operate machines? Fair enough.

How about the idea that hackers could hijack the controls for other reasons, including gaining… Continue

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Quick tips on wireless networks from NI

Among the press releases sent out this week at National Instruments’ NI Week was one on the company’s wireless sensor network (WSN) platform. This platform highlights many of the trends emerging in wireless networks. It delivers a system that flexibly manages power consumption and gives you the ability to customize wireless hardware.

The network includes a remote monitoring system that consists of battery-powered nodes, in addition to industrial certifications, networking protocols,… Continue

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Emerging networking standards for sensors

To be an important player in the sensor market, it’s crucial that sensor manufacturers choose networks compatible with those used in their clients plants. According to ARC Advisory Group, two networking standards have recently emerged in the discrete sensor area. ( ARC Analyst Florian Güldner (fgueldner@arcweb.com), the principal author of ARC’s “Proximity Sensors Worldwide Outlook”) These are CompoNet, promoted and supported by ODVA, and IO-Link, promoted and supported by ProfiBus. Each… Continue

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Question on design and energy efficiency

Now that the U.S. House of Representatives has passed a climate bill, what effects do you think this will have on your product design projects?

Make your job more difficult
It will create new opportunities for new techniques and technologies to tackle energy efficiency
No effect
Your management will provide strong leadership in meeting these new requirements
Your management will resist the new requirements

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Energy Management: the latest trend

A recent press meeting on energy management brought out several opinions of mine.

So, fair disclosure: I have several doubts regarding the “crisis” of global warming. As various sages, including Benjamin Disraeli and Mark Twain have been quoted as saying, “There are lies, damned lies, and then there are statistics.”

What I don’t doubt is that global warming has become a market.

I don’t doubt that various environmental organizations are really “businesses” promoting… Continue

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New Ways to Mate Parts

Design World Exchange Featured Editorial

Whether it is improving the feel of surgical scissor adjustment, collaborating to develop innovative fastening systems, improving joint consistency, or finding reliable retaining, check out these innovations in fastening.

In any assembly, you must connect pieces together—somehow. Exactly how you accomplish this goal opens the door to innovative thinking. Here’s a look at several recent developments.

Joint… Continue

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