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3D Printing solutions that make the design process flow

 Join me for this webinar on 3D printing. Griswold Controls has developed techniques with 3D printing and rapid prototyping that minimize the time and costs to develop new products.  Learn more about how 3D printing can help you. 

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Materials hold the key to higher growth in 3D printing

Various 3D printer and additive manufacturing systems are already manufacturing parts, just not in the quantity that is possible. What’s holding back this technology’s potential to “disrupt manufacturing?” Designers will say it's the lack of information and standards, particularly for materials. Despite all the news reports and commentary, most engineers and operators in manufacturing have limited knowledge, let alone experience, of additive manufacturing processes or systems.…


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Ink jetting, multiple materials, and color 3D printing

The 2012 Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) conference included a number of informative sessions that I’ll be blogging about over the next few weeks.  One session focused on inkjet 3D printing.

According to some at the conference, inkjetting is one of the most versatile forms of 3D printing. Multijet printing technology certainly lends credibility to the claim. The most versatile…


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Objet introduces professional desktop 3D printer—The Objet30 pro

It looks like 2012 is going to be the year of the desktop 3D printer. Objet just announced its latest, the Objet30 Pro. Objet designed this printer to address the engineering issues of size, true product realism and 3D printer versatility, and cost.

Objet30 Pro Desktop 3D Printer LowRes



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You have choices in additive manufacturing

We recently completed a handbook on additive manufacturing. It will appear in the August issue of Design World. One of the things I learned from working on this project is just how many options you have for rapidly prototyping (or manufacturing) your designs. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that all we have are 3D printers, especially with all the media coverage this part of the industry is receiving today. But you have more options, including subtractive prototyping and rapid…


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Know the risks before targeting the 3D printer "Maker" market

The “maker” market, “citizen designer” market, is hot. For some vendors of professional Additive Manufacturing (AM) machines, it is the perfect opportunity to grow and build the AM market. Other vendors are not convinced that pursuing this market is a good idea right now. A recent conversation with Materialise highlights the risks of appealing to this market:… Continue

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What's lacking when working with 3D printers in the education market

Education is listed as one of the target markets by the major 3D printer vendors. The reasons for working with educators are evident–teach students early about this technology, train them for future employment.  Unfortunately for the students, teachers often lack the training needed to guide students in the use and understanding of additive manufacturing systems.....…


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How do we grow the Additive Manufacturing market?

Based on discussions I had with various vendors at the 2011 RAPID show, I would not be surprised to see the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry head down two paths. One path focuses on the needs of the engineer, such as getting product to market faster. The other path involves the potentially new market of “makers” and those interested in personal manufacturing, a recent term that coincides with the goals of makers.

Could this new market be the key to developing new customers for AM… Continue

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The killer app for 3D printing: people who just want to make things

Everyone is wondering what will be the great application that will propel rapid prototyping, 3D printing into a huge industry. The answer is people who just want to make things.

While the 3D/DC conference in Washington recently was focused on intellectual property (IP) issues, Autodesk announced its plans to release a consumer targeted, free design tool called 123D, that it hopes will not only enable anyone to design a product for a 3D printer, but that will also help develop a…


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3D printer vendors to meet with Washington to discuss this potentially disruptive technology

It’s a question that needs an answer, and it looks as though the copyright and intellectual property rights issues this question poses are getting some high profile attention. Good. 3D Systems Corporation plans to sponsor and participate in ‘3D/DC: 3D Printing Comes to the Nation’s Capital,’ on April 28, 2011 in the Rayburn House Office Building, . . .



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Automotive 3.0—the next revolution in prototyping and design?

The automotive industry used to be a source for design innovation. It could be again, and very soon.  One company, Local Motors (LM) is working on creating the next generation of auto manufacturing. One where you make the call as to how your car should look and the features and capabilities it should have? Local Motors (LM) has developed an interesting business model that gives you the ability to custom design your car, and economically build it. The company develops a community that brings…


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How copying could get home-use 3D printing in trouble

I’ve learned not to say that some new idea or technical innovation won’t happen. Take the “home-use 3D printer market,” for example. At some point, it will become an item almost as ubiquitous as the home PC printer (who knows, someone might take the PC printer and the 3D printer and merge them into a hybrid product.) The technical challenges, including size, materials, quality, and cost will be solved one day.

Using 3D printers to “print” repair and replacement parts are just…


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The end of manufacturing as we know it?

What would our economy look like if every home had an additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping system? For example, how would it affect manufacturing? Would it translate into more or fewer jobs? How about transportation? Would we need fewer trucks and fewer distribution centers? What if, instead of everyone having an individual system, rapid prototyping systems were grouped into franchise opportunities, sort of like a “Kinko’s,” and consumers went there to obtain the item they wanted or…


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Engineer thinks "outside the box" for new toy design

Here's a cool story about an engineer and his experience with Protomold to develop a new toy.  His choices deliver good info for other engineers.


When it comes to rapid prototyping, product design presents you with a series of choices involving the function and aesthetic of the product, the methods of manufacture to be used to realize the product, and physical, financial, timeline, and other constraints on the choices. This month’s tip…


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Expanding digital dentistry: 3D Systems offers new dental printer

3D Systems Corporation (NASDAQ: TDSC), a manufacturer of 3D printers, rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing equipment, announced its new 2011 ProJet™ DP 3000 3D printer, a dental CAD/CAM 3D printer for wax-up production that provides measurable financial returns and a proven ROI for the dental lab.

The new ProJet™ DP 3000 printer features an expanded ultra-high definition build area that delivers up to a 60% productivity improvement, enabling dental labs to dramatically ramp up… Continue

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ZCorp. discusses recent major milestones

Customers ordered more than 7 million cubic inches of materials from Z Corporation, maker of 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and 3D scanning technologies. This is a record sale for the company of the build materials used to print 3D models. In Q4 2010, Z Corp. sold more consumables than in any previous quarter in the company's 16-year history. Based on an average size model such as a coffee cup, this would be the equivalent of printing 25,000 new design ideas every…


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More on 3D Systems acquisition of Quickparts

It’s clear that 3D Systems is on the acquisition path.

The benefits of the acquisition of Quickparts are:

--the ability to grow its custom parts portfolio,

--access to Quickpart’s well-thought of e-commerce technology,

--and perhaps most importantly--the ability to sell and cross sell to customers needing CNC machined and injection molded parts, a capability absent from 3D Systems line up. 

3D Systems 3Dproparts business, which is similar in that it is a…


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Hot news in the Additive Manufacturing world: 3D Systems acquired Quickparts

3D Systems Corporation announced that it acquired Quickparts, a leading custom parts services company based in Atlanta, GA.  In 2010, Quickparts reported annual revenue of $25 million. Both Ron Hollis, President and Chief Executive Officer of Quickparts and Abe Reichental, President and Chief Executive Officer of 3D Systems announced that they were pleased with the move. 

3D Systems plans to integrate its parts fulfillment capabilities with…


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Engineers with a good idea get a boost from Quickparts

Bernie Graham, an inventor from North Bay Ontario, Canada, likes to read from a popular tablet. But some functions, such as typing and gaming, are more difficult to do on tablets than others, especially if you need to hold the tablet with at least one hand.

“Bernie had an idea for a hands-free stand that would sit on your lap, making tablets and e-readers more comfortable and…


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If you didn't make it to MD&M West . . . . here's what you missed

The 2011 MD&M West is over, but the contacts and connections made there continue. If you weren’t able to visit the show, here are a few of the highlights pertaining to Make Parts Fast.

This year’s show was primarily about investigating the various offerings of vendors. Plenty of technical support people were on hand to answer questions and help designers solve rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing…


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