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Challenge conventional thinking!

One of my hobbies is questioning conventional thinking. Recent news about bailout bank CEOs pay provides an example. Conventional thinking says that there are a limited number of skilled executives who can lead a company to growth and profit. As with any resource, when supply is viewed as scarce, its price goes up. Hence, conventional thinking says we have to pay these CEOs lots of money.

But who says talented executives are in scarce supply? Who benefits from that viewpoint? The… Continue

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A mechatronic design approach enables packaging machines to do more with less

For packaging machinery, a mechatronics approach will help you reduce inertias that usually require extra energy to overcome; improve control system response, which can eliminate the practice of oversizing motors; decrease or eliminate compressed air; and reduce heat and shock loadings, among other benefits.

Take air-actuated devices, for example. Compressed air is widely recognized as costly to produce, and it consumes electrical energy better used directly for actuation. Then you… Continue

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At what price profit?

How far should a company go for profit? Is defective product ever a good defense for profit? These are questions I’m pondering as I listen to the latest news about another (yes, another) defective product from China. This time the product is drywall. (Previous examples of defective product from China include pet food tainted with rat poison; toys painted with lead-based paint; and tainted baby formula that killed a number of babies in China.) Apparently, homebuilders have been buying drywall… Continue

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News you can use: For rapid prototyping, Quickparts unveils Instant email quoting

If given the opportunity to receive a quote more quickly than you do now, would you take it? I know, silly question. Quickparts just launched a new instantquotes@quickparts.com email address. When you use this option, you can skip the process of logging on to the company's website and uploading your file. Use of the email address makes the process of obtaining a quote simpler and shorter.

Instead, you email your .STL files to the instantquotes@quickparts.com email address and the… Continue

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