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NBA’s Golden State Warriors gets involved in 3D printing

Bre Pettis, CEO of MakerBot, has a lofty goal–bring 3D printers to every school in America.  Similar to the FIRST programs for robotics, introducing 3D printing to school kids is a great way to develop future engineers.  The MakerBot Academy was launched in November 2013 and through corporate and individual partnerships, has already funded more than 1,000 teacher requests to receive a MakerBot…


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Can lower cost 3D scanners serve your reverse engineering needs?

The 3D printing industry is helping to grow the market for 3D scanners, especially with the introduction of a number of low cost scanners. Are these scanners an alternative to more professional versions for your application?

How will the introduction of low cost 3D scanners affect your…


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Tips on choosing a finishing method for your 3D printed part

This article explores the more common methods of finishing a 3D printed part, whether that is for look and feel, or for function. 



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9 Amazing pieces of art/science from 3D printing

Check out these amazing 3D printing "ideas" that give sound a shape. 


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Innovations in 3D printers: meter-sized build tables

Do you have a need for a meter-sized build area in a 3D printer?  If so, check out this new one developed by PBC Linear. 


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How to build a metal bike frame out of 3D printed metal

Ever think you could "3D print" a bike frame out of metal?  It may not be affordable individually, but others are developing innovative bike frames and 3D printing them both for prototyping and final part. Here's the story behind this: http://www.makepartsfast.com/2014/02/6722/build-metal-bike-frame-3d-printed-metal/…


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What does Stratasys acquisition of MakerBot mean to you?

How will Stratasys' acquisition of MakerBot affect you?  Would you be more willing to purchase one of the MakerBot products, like the Replicator 2, (for about $2200) to use as a desktop prototype system?  Or a future product from the company knowing that Stratasys development is behind it?   

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Software helps you design for 3D printing manufacturability

When used together, 3D…


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What is your biggest frustration with 3D printing?

Despite the media hype that 3D printers can be used to make literally anything, and that they will disrupt all kinds of present day processes and systems, professional users have a number of frustrations with this technology. These frustrations can be overcome with further R&D, assuming the media hype doesn’t inflate expectations to a point that frustrates the most enthusiastic users. But here are some of the frustrations shared by experienced users on various sites:



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What it takes to achieve a low cost desktop 3D printer for engineers

The question of when will more engineers use 3D printers may be answered this way—when the price per prototype drops, some say to as far down as less than $1.00 a part. At least that’s what Ezra Zygmuntowicz, CEO, founder, and “hacker” (his words) at Trinity Labs thinks. I met Ezra at the recent MD&M West show in Anaheim, CA. He was displaying his new prosumer 3D printer in the PBC Linear booth.…


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Geomagic Freeform 3D scanning software was used to render the face of King Richard III.

The story of the remains of King Richard III has been in the news lately.  It's interesting that the historical record was fairly accurate.  But did you know that 3D scanning software helped verify some of that historical information?  http://www.makepartsfast.com/2013/02/4951/geomagic/

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Constructing a Cubesat using additive manufacturing

The use of Windform® XT and additive manufacturing (AM)/3D printing (3DP) technology demonstrates the fast adaptability and freedom of design possible in nearly any field. For the developers of the RAMPART Cube Sat, the use of this material and technology enabled them to modify, change, and add experiments without concern for having to develop tooling or modify an existing cube structure.

By Franco Cevolini, CEO, CRP Technology S.r.l; Walter Holemans, Planetary Systems Corporation;…


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Making sense of the 3D printing, additive manufacturing industry

TranPham MATRIXv2 300x204

In this constantly shifting industry, it can be a challenge to keep up with all the changes and developments of who is offering what in the way of 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Tuan Tranpham, Referral Channel Manager at Objet Inc., has…


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More 3D printing options in metals

Several European 3D printing/Additive manufacturing companies are establishing offices here in the U.S. One of them is SLM Solutions, which develops and sells laser sintered metal machines, competing with EOS, 3D Systems, and now Renishaw.

In 2012, SLM Solutions established an office in Commerce, Michigan. Reasons for doing so include the increasing demand for technical consulting services as…


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3D printed "Magic Arms"

Check out this very heart warming story about the use of 3D printing and robotic principles to help a young girl overcome the limitations of disease. http://www.stratasys.com/Resources/Case-Studies/Medical-FDM-Technology-Case-Studies/Nemours.aspx

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How Haptic technology will influence CAD and 3D printing

At this year’s RAPID show, I had an opportunity to meet with Ping Fu, founder and CEO of Geomagic. Widely regarded as a visionary, Ms. Fu spearheaded the recent acquisition of Sensible Technology Inc. Recently, we continued our conversation on how touch technology will affect 3D printing.…


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Rostock: a delta robot 3D printer prototype

This is such a cool idea, using a delta robot to function as the print head for 3D printing objects.  

Thingiverse user Johann is working on a new delta robot 3D printer prototype called Rostock. The Rostock 3D printer is 30 inches (77 cm) tall, and the build volume is 8x8x16 inches (20x20x40 cm).…


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Building a RollsRoyce Jet engine out of Legos

I might be showing too much of my inner geek, but I like this video

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3D printing helps prototype car that will travel faster than a bullet

The BLOODHOUND Project is an international education initiative focused around a 1,000 mph World Land Speed Record attempt. The core aim is to inspire young people to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM subjects) by showcasing these subjects in exciting ways. The Project Director is Richard Noble and the Program Architect is Dan Johns.

This car will be powered by a jet engine and a rocket as it attempts to go at least 1,000 mph. Key parts of the…


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How to evaluate a 3D printer, additive manufacturing system

In the additive manufacturing world, probably the most common question is: What is the best 3D printing system or technology for me? At the recent AMUG conference, Todd Grimm, president of T. A. Grimm & Associates, Inc., and Kevin Ayers, Specialist in Additive Manufacturing for the FBI, gave tips on how to evaluate any 3DP/AM option. Here are a few of them.

1. Do extensive research. While Grimm and Ayers proposed an exhaustive procedure as a best practice, they advised that…


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