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Robots lend a helping hand in lifting up-tower in wind

In reference to our Downwind section of our February issue of Windpower Engineering & Development, brothers Keith and Bruce Schlee have designed a robot that can assist in wind farm operation and maintenance. Here are some recent photos of the first test and latest lifting robot, the HR 1000-LL. …


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Stunning shots of the world’s wind farms

In preparation for Global Wind Day (June 15) the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) is holding a contest for wind farm photos. Photos will be accepted until May 6. Here are some of the imaginative submissions.…


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Collapsing Cooling Towers...So Cute

My friend sent this to me since he knows we're in the business of renewables. I can't help but feel sorry for the towers. Why did they have to make them look like the Kool-Aid man…


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Some solar facts in honor of Solar Power International next week

I will be one of the many attending Solar Power International in Dallas, Texas next week. I hear it's been in the 90s, so along shorts I'll also keep these solar facts in mind as I'm getting ready for the big conference. 

The U.S. solar industry is actually booming,…


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Mariner 5 mystery solved

The Mariner 5 spacecraft was launched in 1967 to carry a complement of experiments to probe Venus's atmosphere by radio occultation, measure the hydrogen hard ultraviolet spectrum, and sample the solar particles and magnetic field fluctuations above the planet. Data analyzed from Mariner 5 in 1971 found a small but irritatingly clear pattern in the turbulence perpendicular…


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A 13-year-old who spends his time on solar and NOT video games?

Though many kids his age are playing video games or cruising sites online, 7th grader Aiden Dwyer prefers to trek through the woods and study science. OK, so there are still some kids out there who do like to get out in nature, but my bet is they're building forts and burning things. Aiden, on the other hand spent his time studying how trees branch in a very specific…


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Does solar really work in my state?

I found this really great infographic on 1blog.org. I think it gives a really nice rundown of where solar could work.

Home Solar Power Discounts - One Block Off the… Continue

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Lincoln Electric wind turbine: an example to other industrial communities

Yesterday I got to take a little field trip from work for the dedication of Cleveland's Lincoln Electric wind turbine. It was a beautiful day, the red ribbon surrounding the turbine's tower shining in the sun. The 2.5-MW model stands as a 443-ft example of how renewable energy can have a…


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Hey baby, let me take you out on my yacht, my solar-powered yacht

"Hey baby let me take you out on my yaht...my solar powered  yaht," yes someone in the world actually gets to say this. And just to add to this real-life Don Juan's bragging he also gets to stress that it's the world's largest. 


All right, so the boat wasn't really built for the ladies. The PlanetSolar…


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Tired of paying for gas? The solution could be solar..

Tired of paying for gas? With these prices who isn't? Ford may have a solution. The company has teamed up with SunPower Corp. to offer a home rooftop solar system to their customers with electric or hybrid cars, that will…


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Japan's solar power shelter, a cool concept for the U.S. too

At least on the engineering/technical front, Japan has a way with developing new, innovative technologies ahead of the game. But that doesn't mean the rest of the world can't be inspired by their concepts. 

One interesting idea on that solar side is Kyocera's Eco-Shell, a multi-purpose shelter that uses a solar-power generating system for the roofing material and energy-conserving LEDs for lighting. The concept is intended for…


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Groupon featured deal: solar power?

As everyone in this office knows, good deals is my middle name. I'm subscribed for all those freebie and coupon sites so I can get my half-price soup and sandwhich for lunch or treat myself to an affordable facial. 


But an online special for solar power?


I recently read on …


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PV predicted to grow 30% by years end, but what do you think?

A recent IMS research report states that after declining for two consecutive quarters, PV module shipments are set to recover strongly in the second half of 2011. The rationality is that these rapidly falling PV module prices will be a key factor in re-establishing demand in the second half of the year.

Weak demand in key markets in early 2011 - due to reductions in, and confusion over incentive levels - has led PV module…


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Is Google's investment in residential solar a good thing?

I recently read a blog about a company called SolarCity, which enables homeowners and businesses to begin using solar energy to power their homes and buildings. Google says it's investing $280 million to create a fund that will help SolarCity finance more solar installations across the country. This is Google's largest clean energy…


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Smart grid innovation contest

OEM Siemens is holding a worldwide contest to identify five top sustainable business or technology proposals to help the world become a better place. The company will award $21,000 and a trip to Berlin, Germany to meet with Siemens Smart Grid experts to the five contestants with the best ideas. Siemens has also committed to providing more than over $1.5 million to translate…


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Lake Erie sharing agreement, a precedent for future projects?

Being a Cleveland native, I've taken special interest in the offshore wind project planned for Lake Erie. For those of you who aren't as familiar with the story, an initial 5-7 turbines are slated for construction in 2013. But what's especially interesting to me is the agreement to share revenue associated with submerged land leases across four…


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Players in lowering the cost of solar panels

If solar is to become competitive with other forms of energy production, we must find ways to reduce the cost of manufacturing it domestically.

I recently read an interesting article on this subject on techcrunch.com. The article explains that the newly formed U.S.…


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What will the think of next?

I recently came across a site with a number of interesting "eco-marine" water crafts. From wind, solar, and hybrid marine-powered ships, the company, Eco Marine Power, says it aims to develop ships that use less fuel and emit less pollution.


Furthermore, in July 2010, a project was started in Japan to develop a commercial system for using wind power and solar energy on-board ocean going vessels. This project…


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Social Media in Motion

As social media grows, more companies are recognizing its importance in connecting with its audience. Some are joining Facebook or Twitter, but one media company in Cleveland is launching an interactive blog site. Linear motion control systems and components manufacturer Nook Industries is developing the blog as a resource to connect linear motion engineers to the information they need.

The company's interactive blog…


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Some good news for good clean energy

Some major companies made some big announcements at theBloomberg New Energy Finance Summit earlier this month. 


BP will invest almost $2 billion this year in alternative energy, more than the London-based oil company has previously stated, said Katrina Landis, chief executive…


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