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What is BOM IN ONE BOX and What BOM IN ONE BOX service Contain?

Since Allchips was founded, the BOM service is what they want to do forever. Allchips serve 100,000 customers in China. so when they went to out of china for the first time and they wanted to give our service a good name.

At the beginning, it was called “BOM solution” directly, because our service at that time was an online software to…


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Best 5 Electronic Components Datasheets Website for engineers

Allchips write a blog about 8 Electronic Components Datasheets Website Recommend which is good for engineers. Because Engineers always need electronic components datasheets to work. This can help them find datasheets easy.

But i want recommend 5 of the 8.

First  Datasheets –…


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Tips for hardware startups about components sourcing

Established businesses and startups always have several challenges and responsibilities they’ll have to contend with on their road to success. For hardware startups, one of the major problems often centers on sourcing components. During this growing phase of the business, the hardware startup team has fewer human resources. Most people on the team in most cases are usually engineers who are working full-time so they are fully committed to the company’s core duties. How then does the startup…


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Allchips Cooperate with Banana Pi to giveaway Banana Pi IOT Boards

Allchips cooperate with SINOVOIP CO., LIMITED to giveaway 5 boards BPI-Webduino:bit board & 5 boards BPI-UNO32 & 5 boards M2 Zero for those who targeted at hobbyists, engineers, iot makers and students working on open source projects.

These three kinds of development boards have high reputation around the makers, We hope those boards can really help someone…


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10 Wireless MCU Chip Brands Recommended

Since 2015, there has been many high-profile mergers within MCU manufacturers, in order to compete for market share and invest in IoT applications. According to market research institute IC Insights, NXP, Microchip and Cypress have seen major growth in sales in 2018.

From …


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Optimize the electronic components products

Today. I optimized some electronic components products. In order to make the products page more user friendly to our customers. Hope make good influence. The same time i will continue to optimize some electronic components products even it's hard to optimize all(10000000 products).

this pla6 keyworks, https://www.allchips.ai/mall/detail/Cornell-Dubilier-PLA6/351225 our page rank 55. I Optimize some…


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Electronic Components Distributors Big Gains in 2017

The electronics industry saw the signs of a turnaround in the second half of the year as demand spiked and lead times extended for memory ICs (DRAMs and NAND flash), capacitors, resistors, discrete semiconductors and power components. Longer lead times – and allocations – have plagued buyers throughout 2017 and into 2018. This has led to significant challenges in component availability. Distributors with the most on-hand inventory are typically the winners during periods of component…


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Top 100 Global Innovators

The Top 100 Global Innovators report is the latest in an annual series that stretches back to 2011. In these reports, we seek to identify the most innovative organizations around the globe and to recognize and celebrate their contributions to providing new solutions to existing and unmet future challenges for the betterment of individual lives and society as a whole.

I T ’ S N O T H O W M…


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What to do When Electronic Components Shortages

If you’ve operated “business as usual,” hoping that the global electronics components shortage would end soon, it’s time to rethink that strategy.  A tough situation is becoming even tougher to navigate.

A Fabrication Shortage

The shortage was caused by a classic case of demand far outstripping supply. Think back about a decade ago to the Great…


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AI Simulated: Who is the FIFA World Cup 2018 Winner?

FIFA World Cup 2018 – The countdown to the world’s greatest sporting event have began yesterday.

We are seen some top questions about World Cup 2018 simulated the rounds on Twitter, Facebook, and Quora:

  • Is there a chatbot to predict FIFA 2018 Winner?
  • Which pool is the “Group of Death”?
  • What are the possible ways to analyze the group data from FIFA 2018?
  • What are the chances of Argentina winning the World Cup?
  • Who will score the most…

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What are the 5 largest electronic component distributors in China?

This is according to the Chinese authoritative media in 2016.

1. Cogobuy

Cogobuy Group PLC is a publicly listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as SEHK: 400. The company primarily deals with computer and telecommunication hardware. It provides an e-commerce platform for electronic goods in China, although the company and its subsidiaries distribute their products…


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Electronic Component Shortages: ‘No End shortly’

Electronics component shortages are now so tough that some OEMs believe their development for 2018 could be stymied if they are unable to get parts. Therefore, how to predict the future situation become a hot issue that people case most.

“We have not missed deliveries yet, but we are on the edge,” said George Whittier, COO at manufacturing and engineering services provider The Morey Corp. “Shutting down one of our customers – say, a Fortune 500 company—because we can’t get…


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Top 10 IC Design Companies 1Q18

According to latest statistics of TrendForce’s TOPLOGY RESEARCH INSTITUTE, the global top 10 IC design companies in 2018 the first quarter according to revenue and ranking come out, except MediaTek (MediaTek) and Novatek’s revenue presenting recession, the rest 8 manufacturers are going up. Among them, Broadcom topped the list with $48.1 billion, year-on-year growth of 15%. Qualcomm and NVIDIA were second and third with $3.897 billion and $2.79 billion respectively.…


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Future Electronic Components Online Supply Chain Model: Big Data, AI, SME

When it comes to electronic component suppliers, we would like to mention distributors, agents, original manufacturers and traders, which play important roles in electronic components industry. With big data, IOT, cloud computing, and AI as emerging power and a massive part swarming into various industries, new digitization channel of electronic components connected to Internet came into being, namely online supply chain service platform, which…


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4 Ways to Choose the Best Brand for Electronic Components

The brand of the electronic components you use for your projects is vital for their outcome. At the same time,  with so many brands to choose from, it becomes difficult to know the best one to use. The good thing is that you can easily find reviews done on the various brands. You can use the information here to find out for yourself the best ones to go for. You can also use the following pointers to identify the best brand to go for.…


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All chips - Best online electronic components purchase platform

Who is All chips?

All chips is a supply chain service platform of the electronic components.

The platform combines big data with artificial intelligence technology, offering service including cost Calculation, risk management, substitute materials suggestion, and whole BOM purchasing. Meanwhile Allchips would like to be the All-in-one procurement department of hardware manufacturers, PCBA…


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Is Allchips Mean All chips?

Who is Allchips?

Allchips is a professional electronic components service platform, supported by over 1000 original manufacturers & authorized agents, and more than 10 million products data.…


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Why do So Many Counterfeits Electronic Components in the Market?

According to the report, recycling e-waste as resource. There are about 2.6 million tons of electronic waste produced each year in China. In addition, each year about 600 million tons of electronic garbage emerge globally among which, 87% of electronic waste are shipped to Asia, and the 90% of electronic waste shipped to Asia are moved…


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Compare Allchips BOM Tool with Digikey BOM, Mouser BOM, Ickey BOM

A bill of materials (also known as a BOM or bill of material) is a comprehensive list of parts, items, assemblies and other materials required to create a product, as well as instructions required for gathering and using the required materials. The bill of materials can be understood as the recipe and shopping list for creating a final product. But for most of the purchasers, we can say that their BOM can refer to a long list of components. So how to deal with the BOM efficiently becomes…


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How to avoid buying fake electronic components?

Fake electronic components everywhere. The rise of fake components in recent years has been astounding and hardly to believe. Over the last 10 years, various countries, governments and industries have undertaken studies on the proliferation and economic impact of counterfeits.…


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