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CAD: 2nd Industrial Revolution for Healthcare Industry

The two years long Crimean war in October of 1853 to March of 1856 sowed the seeds of industrial revolution; spreading its effects on each and every major industry including manufacturing, transportation, defense, healthcare and just any other. However, when all these industries had seen small or big…


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Attention Jigs and Fixtures Manufacturers: Bring Additive Manufacturing Aboard

Additive manufacturing started as a prototyping method in aerospace industry, and today more and more industries are following their…


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CAD Conversion Facilitates Quick Digitization of Design Data

Out in the industry on shop floor, there are several machineries, tools and components that are in operation for years. So, necessarily their design drawings have been on paper since…


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Optimize Heat Exchanger Design to Save Money

Heat exchangers are valuable equipment for wide variety of industrial applications right from oil…


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Taking a Leap Forward in Reverse Engineering

When you picture the term reverse engineering, you will often see a team of engineers measuring the physical part to record the dimensions, so that, the same part can be re-created with identical features. While this picture is still…


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Select the Right 3D Printing Technology for Your Prototyping Requirement

The use of additive manufacturing or 3D printing is in abundance today, opening new opportunities for innovators looking to develop breakthrough products to make everyday lives of people easier. For existing entrepreneurs, it is crucial to keep pace with the fast forwarding trend in product development.…


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Best Practices to Strengthen Your Sheet Metal Design

Design for manufacturability is one of the most important aspects for today’s sheet metal design industry. A sheet metal design ideally is expected to take care of nearly all the features of sheet metal manufacturability. Effective…


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Reducing Lead Time for Product Design through Hybrid 3D Modeling

Meeting deadlines for product development and launching is prominent for manufacturers today, signifying the usage of modern design tools such as CAD and virtual simulation.…


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6 Productive Mobile Apps Every Mechanical Engineer Should Download

Smart phones are everywhere now and with the addition of smart apps, its use has been transformed from simply making calls to doing something productive. There are millions of apps available to download for mobile devices working on iOS and Android platforms. For on-the-go mechanical engineers, here are some of the apps that can be productive and time-saving.…


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Choosing the Right Outsourcing Partner for Paper to CAD Conversion

Paper to CAD conversion is increasingly becoming a popular outsourcing service for manufacturers to restore design information of old and obsolete parts digitally. While the process of CAD conversion can be performed in-house, most companies prefer to offshore these activities to engineering consultants that offer cost-effective solutions.…


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4 Ways to Accelerate 3D Modeling Process and Bring Products Faster to the Market

Shortening the product development process is what every manufacturer eyes for in today’s competitive landscape. In order to bring products faster in the market, manufacturers employ number of strategies that help in accelerating the development process.

However, focusing on improving the design phase can significantly help in reducing the product…


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Fueling Innovative Product Development Strategies in a Competitive Landscape

The modern landscape for manufacturers is changing, and is changing big in terms of shrinking profit margins and ever-increasing customer demands. The cost-effectiveness of the product being developed remains a deciding factor that allows manufacturers to gain benefits from the trending market.

Unlike past, manufacturers today are forced to keep updating their products in the market, and that too at a faster rate. The…


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Leveraging 3D Laser Scanning Capabilities for Reverse Engineering

Is your product undergoing a decline stage? Do you want to analyze design flaws in an existing product and develop something better? Do you want to get an insight into competitor products and brace up your designs to stand tall against all competition? Then reverse engineering is for you.…


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