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PDF to CAD Conversion: Driving Force of Innovation to Mechanical Designing

Gone are the days when design engineers could simply pass over their CAD drafting; while the manufacturing teams will simply follow detailed instructions as mentioned in manufacturing drawings. It’s been a practice of a majority of manufacturing companies to hire CAD engineers near their location [for convenience] for developing relevant…


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4 Things to Assess Beforehand Hiring a CAD Drafting Company

CAD drafting companies focus their efforts, and teams are aligned to work in accordance and to help the design drafting and drawing needs of a manufacturing firm. CAD experts and managers essentially should understand the technicalities of shop floor and should depict it in the 2D manufacturing drawings or PMI annotated 3D models…


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3 Tips for Converting PDF to CAD Like a pro

Industrial and product design engineers & even architects have embraced PDF files to store their design data in form of blueprints owing to their own set of takeaways. Easy integration and the most versatile document format that can be opened conveniently when it comes to graphics are the benefits of using…


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CAD predicts: What will 2018 look like for manufactures?

“If you are a manufacturer who is digitized especially for fabrication models and drawings, 2018 is going to be an exciting year; else traditional best practices are there to stay.”

It is no surprise that…


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Design Automation: Why Furniture Manufacturers should adopt it?

Sheet metal furniture is currently the most profitable business; but with some of the biggest challenges in the industry. What usually happens with a furniture manufacture is that by the time a 3D CAD model design is released for the product to be manufactured, and it penetrates the markets, the designs tend to…


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Data Analytics - Educating Future Engineers

The world that we live in today, has dramatically evolved and become technology-driven. From simplest task of finding the best restaurant to searching for the best neuro surgeon in the country, Google has answers to all your queries including address, visiting hours, menu, fees and everything. But…


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CAD; The Quid Pro Quo For Automotive Component Manufacturers

Time compression strategies are of critical importance to investors in automotive components manufacturing firm. To investors and automotive component manufacturers, it is of critical importance that the time in product development takes a shorter curve so that ROIs can be generated quickly. However,…


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3 Signs that Indicate Your Existing CAD Solution Needs an Upgrade

Software tools, no matter for whichever industry they are developed, eventually requires to be upgraded at some point in order to take productivity to the next level. It is important for us to find new and better solutions that allow competing in the rapidly advancing marketplace.…


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DriveWorks to Address Challenges of Engineer-to-Order Product Manufacturers

Most engineer-to-order (ETO) product manufacturers fail to generate quotes quickly. Research shows that manufacturers miss on an average 30% of their orders due to their inability to come up with accurate quote at the right time. The problem doesn’t end here. Since the manufacturing department is on a…


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Reduce Product Design Cycles by Automating Your Product Design Development with DriveWorks

Developing products faster is no longer a challenge for manufacturers as advanced CAD tools and 3D printing technologies help in shrinking the development time significantly. The challenge, however, is the new growing trend of customized products that are built specific to customer needs. For a mass…


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Do Industries Need Scan Data To Cloud Conversion For Their Product?

Reverse engineering holds all the aces when it comes to research, innovation, cost saving or even bug fixing in certain cases. In fact, even the opposite is true; all these verticals need reverse…


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Importance of PMI Callouts in Implementing MBD for Product Development

Model Based Design (MBD) is the obvious step ahead in digitally transforming the manufacturing operations. However, is this approach beneficial for the firm? Research shows that manufacturers often end up increasing the complexity in the product development processes with the implementation of MBD. However, there are reasons to it.…


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Case Study: Design Automation for Retail Furniture Products Manufacturing

The Objective

Improving the engineering, prototyping and manufacturing lead time for furniture designed for retail stores and expedite the delivery to customers.



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Case Study: CAD Modeling and Manufacturing Drawings for Hollow Metal Doors & Windows

Hi-Tech provides design support for the efficient design and manufacturing of building products like hollow metal doors and frames through 3D modeling tools. To reduce the design time, we offer engineering design automation and CAD customization. Using rule based automation approach; we have developed designs for 70,000 custom doors…


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Using CFD beyond Aerospace and Automotive Applications

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) has come a long way from being a specialized tool used for expensive aerospace designs to a more generalized tool easily available for engineers to test any product undergoing fluid flow interaction. This is largely due to the democratization of CFD software, enabling…


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Utilizing CAD from Concept through Production

The journey of a product development right from concept development to final production has significantly reduced with computer applications like CAD and CAM, enabling design engineers and manufacturers to remain cost-effective. Furthermore, these tools have also helped in bringing new products to the…


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Product Designing with Finite Element Analysis Boosts Development Process

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is an integral part of product development processes today. It has enabled engineers and designers to quickly evaluate the product design, determine stresses, deformation, useful life and failure characteristics within few numerical iterations. The problem however is that the…


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How 3D Rendering Can Help in Improving Product Development

Rendered 3D models are always being considered as a marketing document for most of the organizations. There’s always a negative side associated with rendered models as they consume high amount of computational power, making it a time consuming process that designers usually avoid to perform during the…


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How to Efficiently Manage Assembly Modeling Process in Solidworks

Developing CAD model for large and complex assemblies require a lot of planning and organization. It is most common for designers to deal with large assemblies in many industries, consuming large CPU power and making the modeling process time consuming. In order to simplify…


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Doors & Windows Non-compliant to AWA & AGGA Standards of Australia are the Doorway to Disaster

Sheet metal design support partners assist manufacturers of doors & windows, building enclosures, and HVAC ducts & equipments. Equipped to develop 2D detailed manufacturing drawings, fabrication & assembly drawings, 3D CAD models & rapid prototypes, they ultimately enable manufacturers…


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