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Design automation; quite a salesman of building products fabrication drawings

Describing digital fabrication, modular fabrication, or even prefabrication would be a waste of time as fabricators have blended successfully with the construction industry. Once was a time, when using CAD platforms say, AutoCAD or SolidWorks was a trend and luxury for fabricators! But today, a building…


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Time go CAD & gain Foothold of 3 Major Shifts in Fabrication Methods

According to a research report by PR Newswire, it is expected that the global CAD…


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Rapid Prototyping Using Plastics for Lighting Applications Saves Time and Money

Glass and metal are considered to be the ideal materials for developing lighting products. While glass is meant for transparency, metal is utilized to resist high temperatures. But today, plastics are being seen as an alternative to glass and metal due to advancements in polymer materials, their lower cost and…


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The Need for Next Generation Collaboration Tools for True Digital Transformation

Managing design data in a global collaborative environment where suppliers or vendors are geographically distant from the manufacturer is no longer a challenge today. The collaboration tools that we have today from different CAD…


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SolidWorks 2016: The New Revamped User Interface

With SolidWorks 2016, the company has taken the user interface revamping exercise seriously. The icons that we saw in the 2015 version weren’t significantly improved since 2004, and needed a facelift to look more modernized.

In 2016, the icons have been converted into vector based from images, which can scale without disturbances irrespective of any…


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Self-Assessment for Manufacturers to Adopt Rapid Prototyping for Product Development

From Jet engine components to skin tissues, rapid prototyping or 3D printing has emerged as a disruptive technology, destined to transform the ways products are manufactured.

However, the major shift in manufacturing techniques poses…


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How to Effectively Undertake Value Analysis to Reduce Product Development Costs

Value engineering is essentially a process of implementing optimal product development strategy to produce products that offer better value to the customers at simultaneously reduced costs. It requires redesigning the entire development process right from concept development to final product dispatch, by figuring out the possible areas in the process requiring improvement.…


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Importance of Manufacturing Bill of Materials (MBOM)

Simply put, the bill of materials or most often called as BOM is a list of parts, components, sub-assemblies and assemblies required in developing the product. The BOM is always core for any manufacturing process as it provides all the information required to build the product.

Developed to structure the manufacturing information, the Manufacturing Bill…


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5 Tips to Incorporate Simulation Driven Design for Your Next Product Design Project

Simulation has taken over the conventional manufacturing approach for many industries. However, research shows that many small and mid scale manufacturing organizations are skeptical about including the technology in the product development process and prefer to use these tools past the design release.

For organizations looking to adopt the…


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Fuel Efficiency – Core Focus of Aerodynamics

In the automotive industry, Aerodynamics has long been put to work to improve the performance. The art and science of making automobiles more “slippery” is now focused on miles per gallon rather than miles per hour.  Tomorrow’s vehicle’s– are more likely to be “Aerodynamics Wonders” rather than today’s automobiles on road. With the increased emphasis on fuel efficiency – automotive manufacturers, aerodynamics engineers and…


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Overcoming Common Beliefs about Value Engineering to Promote Manufacturing Excellence

In today’s stiff competitive market, Value Engineering is often being taken synonymous with “cost-cutting”, a process believed to be performed all the time. Manufacturers often believe that VE is just another management fad, which is short-lived and has no qualitative benefit.

The philosophy of VE is however entirely different than what is being…


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