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Wind Turbine Nacelle Industry 2018 Global Market Size, Growth, Share, Trends and 2025 Forecast

Wind Turbine Nacelle Industry 2018 Global Market report a methodical research study based on the Wind Turbine Nacelle market, analyzing the competitive framework of the industry in the global. Using efficient analytical tools such as SWOT analysis and segments analysis, the report provides a comprehensive data of the Wind Turbine Nacelle market.…


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1jw994uladl2t Global Offshore Wind Energy Market will increase CAGR by 16.2% Annually till 2022

Energy has been extracted from wind sources since a long time. Wind power generation is the harnessing of kinetic energy from the wind and its conversion into electric energy. This is achieved through the utilization of wind turbines to generate electricity. Energy in the wind turns three propeller-like blades around a rotor. The rotor is connected to the main shaft, which spins the generator to produce electricity. Onshore wind energy has been utilized for many years however, offshore wind…


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The Common-Sense Guide To Industrial Slip Ring Maintenance

Industrial technology may advance at an alarming speed, yet that ever-present heavy-lifter of the mechanical world - the Slip Ring - remains a commonplace component in more than its fair share of industrial devices. From the manufacturing industry, to more hazardous environments like marine and forestry, through to aiding in the uptake in clean energy through wind power and turbines,…


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Robots lend a helping hand in lifting up-tower in wind

In reference to our Downwind section of our February issue of Windpower Engineering & Development, brothers Keith and Bruce Schlee have designed a robot that can assist in wind farm operation and maintenance. Here are some recent photos of the first test and latest lifting robot, the HR 1000-LL. …


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Stunning shots of the world’s wind farms

In preparation for Global Wind Day (June 15) the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) is holding a contest for wind farm photos. Photos will be accepted until May 6. Here are some of the imaginative submissions.…


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Collapsing Cooling Towers...So Cute

My friend sent this to me since he knows we're in the business of renewables. I can't help but feel sorry for the towers. Why did they have to make them look like the Kool-Aid man…


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Mariner 5 mystery solved

The Mariner 5 spacecraft was launched in 1967 to carry a complement of experiments to probe Venus's atmosphere by radio occultation, measure the hydrogen hard ultraviolet spectrum, and sample the solar particles and magnetic field fluctuations above the planet. Data analyzed from Mariner 5 in 1971 found a small but…


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R&D lab considers 15-MW wind turbine from superconducting magnets

GE says its experience with superconducting equipment from its healthcare MRIs is applicable to generators for wind turbines. High torque at low rotational speeds may let wind turbines product up to 15 MW and without a gearbox."] [/caption]

GE Global Research, the technology development arm of GE, says it has begun work on the first phase of a 2-year, $3 million project from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop a next generation wind-turbine generator that could support… Continue

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Lake Erie sharing agreement, a precedent for future projects?

Being a Cleveland native, I've taken special interest in the offshore wind project planned for Lake Erie. For those of you who aren't as familiar with the story, an initial 5-7 turbines are slated for construction in 2013. But what's especially interesting to me is the agreement to share revenue…


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What will the think of next?

I recently came across a site with a number of interesting "eco-marine" water crafts. From wind, solar, and hybrid marine-powered ships, the company, Eco Marine Power, says it aims to develop ships that use less fuel and emit less pollution.


Furthermore, in July 2010, a project was started in Japan to develop a commercial system for using wind power and solar energy on-board ocean going vessels. This project…


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Trends in Wind for AWEA 2011

The American Wind Energy Association's Windpower 2011conference and expo is approaching quickly and Windpower Engineering magazine is putting together a special section of their May issue just…


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Kathie's Question of the day: How important is it to look to nature for innovation?

My editor passed along an interesting article to me this morning. 


Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created an artificial leaf that uses solar cells to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, while creating energy in the process. Daniel Nocera, who lead the…


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Renewable Energy World Conference Recap

If you were hungry to hear about the newest products and trends in the clean energy industry, the Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo appeased your appetite. With almost 200 vendors and suppliers displaying equipment, products, and…


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Rotary sail

I have gotten permission to set up an improved device on a peak in Massachusetts. Yeah!

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Kathie's Question of the day: What alternative source is the best new fuel for cars?

With everything from algae to used french fry oil, engineers have been able to get cars going on fuels other than oil and gas. I even read an article recently on a car powered by wind


But even though these alternative…


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Kathie's Question of the day: what's up with small wind?

As many of you probably know, AWEA's Small and Community Wind Conference and Expo is going on in Portland, Oregon. I read this entry by a blogger who is at the conference and found her thoughts interesting and....question worthy!

She notes that commercial wind farms sprouting up around Oregon have sparked…

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Kathie's Question of the day: What makes a permitting process effective?

Here's one for all you who like to look at the legal side of things.

Virginia has adopted a new permitting process to make it easier to develop wind projects.…

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Kathie's question of the day: Is global warming a threat to wind turbines?

Here we go again on day two of the week and I got another question to pick your brain with.

I read an article naming research that has found countries relying on wind energy to supply clean power are set to get less juice for their buck as global warming continues.

Apparently University of Texas (Austin) researcher Diandong Ren has found that as temperatures rise, electricity generated by wind turbines will…

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Kathie's question of the day: is the U.S. wind industry slowing down or picking up?

Happy hump day everyone. By lunch today we'll have made it to the halfway point in our work week. But to keep those braincells sharp enough to make it to Friday I have a question to spark some stimulation.

Is the U.S. wind industry slowing down or picking up?

If you listened to AWEA's webcast last Friday, you'll know…

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Kathie's question of the day: is the GOP shrinking the wind market?

Hey all,

I read an article concerning an interview with Angelika Pull, communications director for the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC). The author spoke with Pullen about differences between wind energy development in Europe and the U.S.

Pullen says that with GOP power in the U.S. usually doesn't "bode well" for renewables. She explains that she is confident in Europe's goal of…

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