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3D Model Created in ScanIP Used Towards Kidney Stone Operation


3D printing technology is becoming more common in the medical industry, whereby scans (such as MRI and CT) can be converted into physical models for use as a research aid. Entrepreneur John Cousins (Managing Director of isodo3D) recently took advantage of…


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The 3-Step Guide to Drafting Product Specs to Improve Design Efficiency

This is Part 2 of our series, “The Future of Medical Technology: Wearable Devices”. Read Part…


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Free online PLC training course

Previously we released the free PLC training course about Rockwell PLC data tables. This newest free online PLC training course is about PLC Sinking and Sourcing I/O and respective circuits.…


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11 Principles and Guidelines in Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

Here are 11 Principles and Guidelines in Design for Manufacturing and Assembly:

1. Minimize number of components. Assembly costs are reduced. The final product is more reliable because there are fewer connections. Disassembly for maintenance and field service is easier. Reduced part count usually means automation is easier to implement.…


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Engineers have it tough

Engineers have a tough gig, often working in fast paced, competitive environments with tight deadlines. 

There is a reason why the word lean was introduced by the Toyota manufacturing sector - they wanted to trim all the fat. Get rid of any unnecessary steps or actions within their assembly line. 

I see this as a good metaphor for how engineers should work. For example would we derive Hooke's law every time we wanted to do some spring calcs? Or…

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Pressure Equipment Design - Possible Engineering Association

Vedant Resources & Infrastructure Development, a young and dynamic company from Pune, India.

Our Engineering Services include:  

  • Design & Engineering: (Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks, Boilers & Chimney)
  • Process Engineering:(Mass & Energy Balance, PFD, P&ID, Process Data Sheets, Equipment Layout & Elevation ,Plant Layout & Elevation)
  • Piping Engineering: (P&ID,…

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Engineering: More "Creative" Than We Previously Thought

Recently, Pamela Kan challenges us to understand what "creativity" really encompasses. She indicates that she has never considered herself a "creative" person, despite her many acts of innovation and creation throughout her personal and professional pursuits. Perhaps Kan, as she suggests, lacks artistic abilities, but who is to say that this indicates she has no true creative…


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Invention, Innovation and Manufacturing in the 2012 Elections

[ CLICK HERE ] to read our latest edition of "Watch, Read, Listen, Do," this time about "Invention, Innovation and Manufacturing in the 2012…


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A Three-Part 'Coffee Chat' With a Guided Motion Expert

We recently spent time with one of our applications engineers, Dan Fletcher, to go over some basic info about choosing and sizing our DualVee linear bearings. That conversation turned into a three-part series we shared on our blog. We invite you to check it out!

Part I: Spec'ing a Guide Wheel

PRECISION AND SPEED are two factors are critical when choosing what linear guide system works best for your needs. Many other factors have to be taken into…


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Xilinx is hiring

Xilinx Inc. will invest $50 million to expand its electronics engineering operations, located at the company’s EMEA headquarters in Dublin and Cork, Ireland. The company will recruit 45 senior silicon and electronics engineering staff for its regional headquarters in Dublin and for its engineering center in Cork. A further 15 staffers will be hired across a broad range of disciplines supporting the continued growth of Xilinx in Ireland.

The new investment is supported by Irish…


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T’is the season where we hear the sounds of Pomp and Circumstance. The one song that never gets old. Exuberating throughout the atmosphere where the graduation ceremony is being held, are feelings of pride, joy, and relief (mostly for parents). Happy are the graduates’ whom have completed their curriculum laid out before them. As a reward for their recent achievements, diplomas and certificates acknowledge graduates’ completion of their program. Congratulations!

Now that the fanfare…


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Optimize your designs with the innovation BOM

Product development is never as easy as going from “What's the market solution” to “what's the engineering design”  - there are many decisions in the middle that need to be made around the general design, tech requirements, and main components. (For example - - How’s the chassis going to come together, what’s the power supply, how is it going to communicate?)

You probably use Excel for this. At many companies, or on startup teams, you might even find yourselves sitting around in a…


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Meet Our Engineering Interns, Shail and Naasik

Some fresh faces joined us this month at Bishop-Wisecarver! Everyone, meet our two new engineering interns, Shail and Naasik. The marketing department got a boost too in the form of Eleanor, an intern who'll help us with our communications and branding efforts.

We established the…


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We're Hiring! Looking for an Engineer, Sales Managers and a Sales Territory Manager

Bishop-Wisecarver — inventor of the DualVee Guide Wheel Technology and industry leader in guided motion products — continues to grow, and we're adding to our sales force and engineering department to keep up with our progress. Check out our Careers page online to read the job descriptions and apply. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Should a new component revision trigger a new assembly revision?

At Arena, we work with a lot of high-tech electrical-hardware engineers and OEMs. In our thousands of conversations with prospects and customers, here is one of the most common questions we get - - if you revise a component used in your designs, or swap it out for a totally different component, how far up does that revision need to go?

This is sort of a tricky question to answer with some major…


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INFOGRAPHIC: A Brief Look at the 2012 FIRST Robotics Competition

Check out our latest infographic — this time about one of our favorite organizations!

We would post the image right here, but it's taking too long to upload! Click through to download it straight from our website.

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We're accepting applications for our paid internship program!

Bishop-Wisecarver just announced the launch of a paid engineering and manufacturing internship program, which starts this summer.



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The Chain Gang: All About Chain-Actuated Linear Guides

Solve our Motion Monday challenge to win a prize ... [ CLICK HERE ]…


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What's better? A formal or an informal change process?

There's a lot of give and take when it comes to setting up a change process, and a lot of factors that determine if your process should be highly formalized, or loosely managed.

A loose change process, where individual engineers have the discretion to either expedite change requests or make immediate revisions, exposes your product to unintended consequences - - including costly scrap and rework at best and field failures at worst. But excessive review slows down the iterative process…


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