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A Three-Part 'Coffee Chat' With a Guided Motion Expert

We recently spent time with one of our applications engineers, Dan Fletcher, to go over some basic info about choosing and sizing our DualVee linear bearings. That conversation turned into a three-part series we shared on our blog. We invite you to check it out!

Part I: Spec'ing a Guide Wheel

PRECISION AND SPEED are two factors are critical when choosing what linear guide system works best for your needs. Many other factors have to be taken into…


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Engineering Jobs Future Looks Bright

According to Kelly's info graphic, the "E" in "STEM", the engineering jobs future looks bright up to 2020. (Click pic to see Kelly's full info-graphic PDF)…

Engineering jobs future growth will be great stemming many secondary jobs

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Electronic Component Websites for any Frugal Electronic Engineering Enthusiast!

Personally in the past I have felt it can be a daunting task for an electronic fanatic to gather the required electronic components for any project. Some parts are hard to get in some countries and the high cost aggravated by shipping and administration I find so frustrating.

However, luckily the internet is slowly taking root to nurture talents and boost young minds of such people short of cash but with innovative ideas such…


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Xilinx is hiring

Xilinx Inc. will invest $50 million to expand its electronics engineering operations, located at the company’s EMEA headquarters in Dublin and Cork, Ireland. The company will recruit 45 senior silicon and electronics engineering staff for its regional headquarters in Dublin and for its engineering center in Cork. A further 15 staffers will be hired across a broad range of disciplines supporting the continued growth of Xilinx in Ireland.

The new investment is supported by Irish…


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T’is the season where we hear the sounds of Pomp and Circumstance. The one song that never gets old. Exuberating throughout the atmosphere where the graduation ceremony is being held, are feelings of pride, joy, and relief (mostly for parents). Happy are the graduates’ whom have completed their curriculum laid out before them. As a reward for their recent achievements, diplomas and certificates acknowledge graduates’ completion of their program. Congratulations!

Now that the fanfare…


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Student Loan Forgiveness For Engineers

How many of you are like me and will probably die with a student loan balance? Are you constantly looking for a solution that will resolve your student loan repayment situations. There may be help and it may be soon. (I use the verb "may" with added caution.) In 2008, United States President, George W. Bush, signed into legislation a "Loan Forgiveness" bill that includes  students and graduates in the engineering field/profession. President Bush's desire was to encourage more of his citizens…


Added by Natasha Townsend on May 30, 2012 at 12:04pm — 5 Comments

Linear Motion Technology in Woodworking CNC Machines

A lot of CNC machines use up to 100 DualVee guide wheels and the track to match. We talked to one of our design engineers about why and how in today's "Coffee Chat."

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We're Looking for an Engineer!

We're hiring, and one of the positions is for a Mechatronics Engineer. CLICK HERE to check out our career page and download the job description!

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What Can Be Learned From Apple & Nike - No Crap, Big Opportunities

So I was reading through Twitter this morning and came across this article. After reading it, I thought Heck, this should go for everyone, especially Engineers! Engineer's have the unique opportunity to develop products from the ground up, so this advice almost speaks directly to YOU! 


Apple's Jobs to Nike CEO - "Get Rid of the…


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Free Engineering Training Software for my Friends Industrial Training To my Facebook friends only, any of our product and services for free. Follow the link for details.…

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Nordex Opens New Wind Turbine Plant

from Design World

Nordex USA celebrated the official opening of its flagship wind turbine manufacturing plant in the US. Representing a $40 million investment, the 150,000 square foot plant is one of the most modern production facilities in the…

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The next level of innovation – Wi-Fi

Society’s expectation of technology has changed. Do you remember when a black and white television was the best picture available? Do you remember when a Commodore 64 was the best home

computer? Do you remember the days when a dial-up connection was the

only way to access the internet?

Every product above was the most basic model of some objects we use regularly today. HDTV, Laptop, and especially Wi-Fi are at…


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Can Engineering News be entertaining?

You bet. Take a break from the job world and watch this series of videos on YouTube titled ... "This Week In Engineering". Great stuff. The latest Engineering News made both interesting and entertaining.…


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TI launches E2E (Engineer-to-Engineer) Network dedicated to Engineers

TI invites you to freely and openly interact with your peer Engineers, TI Engineers, and other experts in order to ask questions, share knowledge, explore ideas, and help solve problems with their NEW E2E Network!…


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Maintenance Support Engineer - based in Brussels for Telecom multinational - CVs to

Our client is a leading global provider of IP products that enable voice, video and other multimedia services. Their products allow service providers to migrate from traditional voice networks to all-IP, fixed-mobile and multimedia networks consistent with emerging IMS standards.

Job Description Job responsibilities: Health check of the system - CPU/MEM/DISC/… verification on a daily basis - System alarm follow-up (all severities) , and if needed corrective actions (continuous)… Continue

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Industrial Interface, Inc. Focuses Growth on Research, Design, and Manufacturing for the Medical Device Market

SAN DIEGO, CA -- May 8, 2009 -- Industrial Interface is focusing its growth and development on the medical device market. Company president, co-founder, and former manufacturing engineer, T. Brian Jones said, "Medical devices is a dominant industry in Southern California where we are located. It's an industry with diverse and complex… Continue

Added by Brian Jones on June 22, 2009 at 8:30pm — 2 Comments

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