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Aluminum Guide Rings Work Great For Light Loads

These aluminum guide rings are ideal for light loads, come in several sizes and are used in industries ranging from aerospace to semi-conductors. Sneak a peek at one in action in this video ... pretty cool, huh?



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Bowling Robots, Future Engineers and Intense Competition: It's FIRST Season!

The company I work for, Bishop-Wisecarver, just picked a couple local high school teams to sponsor for the 2012 FIRST robotics competition. We're super stoked, so obviously we had to blog about it ... read more about that here!



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Wild Turkeys, Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos and Manly Moustaches: Our Tweets of the Week Wrap-Up

I'm a little late in posting this, but just in case you missed it, here's a link to our weekly list of top 10 Twitter posts. Lots of cool articles this time, including an interview with an astronaut, one on how manufacturing issues are heating up the presidential campaign trail and a blog about the implications of those faster-than-light neutrinos that has the science world abuzz. …


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Bonjour les ingénieurs je suis simplement Électromécanicien... et j'ai un projet en tête.

Ouais, je vais écrire en français parce que pour m'expliquer c'est mieux ainsi. Je veux en apprendre plus sur la domotique et le mieux que je puisse faire pour concevoir est de suivre les ingénieurs.

Alors, Voici.

J'ai appris beaucoup pour réparer des systèmes automatique mais ce que je vaux pouvoir faire c'est d'en créer, et ce à la nouvelle maison que je vais acheter (ma première maison).

Présentement je travaille à temps plein dans la maintenance et réparation de…


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Yuyao ermei oil seals co.,ltd

Yuyao ermei oil seals co.,ltd is Manufacturer / Exporters / Wholesale Suppliers Of rubber moulded articles, rubber diaphragm, rubber gaskets, rubber bonded seals, bell mounts, disc mounts, isolator mounts, silicone transparent tubing, silicone cords, silicone profiles, silicone sponge gaskets, epdm rubber sheets, nylon inserted rubber sheets, silicone rubber sheets, rubber o rings, viton rubber cords, anti vibration mounts, silicon products, rubber sheets.

we are professional…


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How to Choose Rubber Material for Making Rubber Parts

The majority of modern moldmakers use flexible rubber products for a variety of reasons. We've outlined the advantages and disadvantages of the four different rubber products,like teflon gasket:…

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Why is Engineering Change Management so Hard?

A good friend of mine . . .  who shall remain nameless . . . . just got out of a "come to Jesus" meeting because a major change to an important fixture in their product was missed. Not a good day to be him . . .

It's scary to admit, but missing a poorly documented change can happen to anyone (to a varying degree of severity). It all comes down to your processes, and how tightly you're managing changes to your product with ECO/ECRs.

Obviously, working at Arena has convinced me…


Added by Alyssa Sittig on November 10, 2011 at 3:11pm — 2 Comments

Do engineers consider supply chain risk when looking for parts

A recent Chainlink survey revealed that 45% of companies devote less than $50,000 each year to  “assessing and auditing supplier and supply chain risk," which went…


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Process Cooling Case Study

Forsta Filters, a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of water filtration systems used in industrial, municipal and irrigation applications, has installed one of its self-cleaning systems at a 70-year-old company specializing in protective packaging materials for fresh fruits and vegetables.…


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When engineers write ...

Great stuff from The O Pine blog — and courtesy of our own Leslie Langnau, who found this.


Have an engineer write this sentence:


"I went to the grocery store to buy some bread, a case of Mountain Dew, and a copy of Swimsuit Nerds." 

... and you'll get:

"I went to the grocery store, a place where thousands of goods, primarily foodstuffs but also including household wares of various types, are sold to the public at a slight markup from the…


Added by Paul J. Heney on November 8, 2011 at 9:14am — 3 Comments

How do you use the DualVee guide wheel?

I sat down with one of our product engineers Friday to discuss the different ways our customers can mount a DualVee guide wheel to an application. He gave me the basic rundown but also touched on a few creative applications thought up by some BWC customers.…


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Could open-design hardware ever replace proprietary design?

I always enjoy reading the musings of my company's CTO, Eric Larkin. I found his most recent post about open-design hardware particularly interesting.(Not to mention, I appreciated the throw-back to the days of HeathKits.) Essentially, his latest post posed the question: Will…


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