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A look into the world of Keithley Instruments

Founded in 1946, Keithley Instruments, a Tektronix company (which specializes in ac items), was purchased by the Danaher Co., in 2010. Keithley specializes in power supplies, dc items and DMMs (digital multimeters). This company designs solutions for test and measurement needs. In electrical measurement solutions, its research in production test technology and through partnerships has developed innovative instruments and products in global communications, semiconductors, components…


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Invention, Innovation and Manufacturing in the 2012 Elections

[ CLICK HERE ] to read our latest edition of "Watch, Read, Listen, Do," this time about "Invention, Innovation and Manufacturing in the 2012…


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Power MOSFETs basics for the learning engineer

This powerpoint presentation discusses the fundamentals of power MOSFETS. Used mostly in integrated circuits, power MOSFETS is widely popular for its ability to handle high power levels. From diodes (the simplest form of a semiconductor), to parasitic capacitance, these illustrations and schematics are created to assist in clarifying the basics in power MOSFETS.…


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The Advantage of Multi-Spindle Heads Explained

Why a Gang Drill Set-Up Could Save You Lots of Money!

(Just as a quick side note, we have not figured out why this blog engine won't let us use the word h-o-l-e (without the dashes) in our posts.  So wherever you see h***, simply think of the word that should go there.)

Many manufacturers are familiar with the term “fast cutting” when it comes to high-speed spindles on machine tools. It is so closely related to cutting tool technology…


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A Three-Part 'Coffee Chat' With a Guided Motion Expert

We recently spent time with one of our applications engineers, Dan Fletcher, to go over some basic info about choosing and sizing our DualVee linear bearings. That conversation turned into a three-part series we shared on our blog. We invite you to check it out!

Part I: Spec'ing a Guide Wheel

PRECISION AND SPEED are two factors are critical when choosing what linear guide system works best for your needs. Many other factors have to be taken into…


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Tap & Drill Chart


Tap and Drill Chart…


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Developement of transition pieces by triangulation.

Looking for some help on this.



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How to Drill Metal - A Simple Primer

Drilling metal typically is not too difficult if you set up properly to do so.

Some would call it a very tricky operation. With a few precautions, you too can be an expert at drilling metal items.

The first thing to consider is, “What is it that I actually want to accomplish?” Drilling metal requires the right tooling – often simply called a “drill bit”, proper hole and location measurements and a good amount of patience during the set-up process. Do it right the first time…


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