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Nordex Opens New Wind Turbine Plant

from Design World

Nordex USA celebrated the official opening of its flagship wind turbine manufacturing plant in the US. Representing a $40 million investment, the 150,000 square foot plant is one of the most modern production facilities in the…

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Fluke’s “Glossary of Vibration Terms” Now Available Online

Fluke Corporation has made available at its Web site a glossary of the key vibration terms that those involved in equipment maintenance and vibration diagnosis may encounter when evaluating machine vibration.…


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Fort Harrison Gets a Makeover

The Fort Harrison Hotel opened in 1926 and was Clearwater,

Florida’s most luxurious hotel at the time. In 1965 the Rolling

Stones wrote their hit song “I can’t get no Satisfaction” at the

hotel. But by the 1970’s the hotel had fallen into disrepair and

was only a shadow of its once greatness. New owners took over

the hotel and began the massive job of restoring the hotel to it

previous glory. This was a long and complicated process but

was recently… Continue

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3D Coolie Really Goes 3D

The koozie has probably been around almost as long as the can

and bottle. Most koozies you find on the market today are a

pretty standard cylinder or sleeve that fits over a bottle or can.

3D Coolie is trying to change all of that with 3D designed koozies

that look like nothing else on the market.

The Problem

The guys at 3D Coolie had a great idea. Why not make koozies

with specific themes or sports teams that are 3D. With a

background in art and action… Continue

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Sand Casting Goes High Tech

The sand casting industry has been around for a very long time.

The process involves building patterns to create a shape in sand

in the core and drag (top and bottom) of the mold, assembling

the mold halves, pouring molten metal and then breaking away

the sand once the metal cools. To complicate things sometimes

cores are inserted into the mold to create voids or other

complex shapes.

The Problem

Many casting companies still make their patterns by hand.… Continue

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3D Scanning of Archaeological Artifacts

Archeologists have studied ancient carvings, artifacts, ruins and

statues for hundreds of years. To captures these items they first

used sketches until the invention of the camera. With a camera

2D images could be taken and studied anywhere.

The Problem

The University of South Florida wanted to capture ancient Mayan

statues, monuments and carvings in 3D and build a on-line

digital data repository. This would allow archeologist from

around the world the… Continue

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EMS Helps Drummers Keep Control.

One of the many tricks an experienced drummer can do is spin

his sticks while playing. This takes a lot of practice to be able to

do this without missing a beat and keeping control of the sticks.

If the drummer were to lose his sticks while doing this trick it could

be embarrassing and throw the whole band off beat.

The Problem

A young entrepreneur barely out of high school had an idea

that would allow any drummer regardless of their experience… Continue

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Winnovation Challenge 2011

In February 2011, Vestas, a wind turbine manufacturer, is challenging Master’s degree students within engineering to come up with ideas that could impact the world’s wind energy market. If your concept is selected, the company will fly you out to Denmark at their expense, where you’ll present your idea to Vestas executives. You’ll compete with others from Europe, Asia, and the U.S. for a chance to win airline tickets for a trip around the world.

Vestas will host…

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EMS 3D Scans the Ryder Cup

In 1927, English seed merchant Samuel A. Ryder presented the

Ryder Cup to The Professional Golfers' Association of Great

Britain to place as a prize for an international competition

between American and British professional golfers. The trophy

stands 17 inches high, is nine inches from handle to handle and

weighs four pounds. The golfing figure depicted on the top of

the trophy reflects the image of Abe Mitchell, a former gardener

himself and a friend and… Continue

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Concentrated Solar Power Conference and Expo Oct 25-26, Denver

A recent solar association report stated that as of March 2010 the USA had over 423MW of operational CSP in production, but 10,836MW being developed. The US CSP market presents a massive opportunity, but there are many hurdles faced in getting a project off the ground.

CSP 2010 in Denver will cover pressing issues for developing CSP projects in the USA including:

-Locating CSP land
-Getting Into The…

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New Gear and Gearbox Optimization Software Reduces Time to Part and Improves Product Performance

In response to the gear market’s need for optimization software, which has been lacking for many years, Excel-Lent™ gear/gearbox design and analysis software has been developed by Excel Gear, Inc. (Roscoe, IL) and written in Visual Basics.Net. This software has been written by engineers who also design and manufacture gears for their own use, according to company president N.K. “Chinn”…


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Is the Great Lakes Wind Project really that great?

The Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation of Northern Ohio has partnered with GE to develop one of the first freshwater wind farms in the U.S. The project will consist of 5, 4-MW direct drive offshore turbines, for a total of 20 MW in the waters of Lake Erie. Construction on the initial phase is tentatively scheduled to commence in late 2012. By 2020, LEEDCo aims to see 1,000 MW of renewable electricity being generated from lake winds and believes the economies of scale that can be…

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EMS 3D Scans Custom Cranial Implants

Custom cranial and maxillofacial implants are used to replace

missing or damaging cranium and facial bone material. There

can be many reasons a custom implant is needed including a

birth defect, after neurosurgery or a serious accident.

The Problem

Because everyone’s cranium and facial area is different there is

no “off the shelf” implant available for these types of implants.

Unlike knees and hips where surgeon typically use an implant

based on a… Continue

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Name your price

To purchase a 3D printer, what’s your price point? Would you spend $50,000? How about $10,000? How about less than $2000? It appears as though 3D printer vendors are betting that if they lower the price, they will sell more 3D printers. Not an unreasonable thought. 3D Systems is the latest vendor to announce a low cost system through its purchase of Bits From Bytes Limited, a United Kingdom based manufacturer of affordable 3D printers and 3D printer kits that…


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Lund 3D Scans in the Tightest Spaces

Lund International designs and manufacturers many aftermarket

products for cars and trucks to include grills, window

vents, floor and cargo mats and much more. This market is very

competitive and to stay ahead of the competition you must

employ the latest technology to get to market fast as new

automobile designs are released at a rapid pace.

The Problem

Lund had been using a tripod mounted 3D scanner to scan the

interiors and exteriors of automobiles… Continue

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EMS Builds Scaled Model for L3 Brashear

L3 Brashear develops and manufacturers large diameter optics

and telescopes for military applications. These telescopes are

mounted on vehicles, marine vessels, aircraft and ground based

units and are used for surveillance, fire control and target


The Problem

L3 wanted to have a scaled model of one of their new

telescopes for an upcoming trade show. The trade show was

fast approaching and creating a hand made model would take

far too long.… Continue

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Looney Pals Go To Market…

EMS works with clients to help bring their ideas to life. When

Looney Pals first contacted EMS, they were looking to have them

work on the front end of a project. Looney Pals decided to try

using conventional design tools such as 3D CAD and do the

work themselves. They quickly realized it was too time consuming

and limiting for the scope of their project. That’s when they

decide to come back to EMS.

In less than a year, EMS helped Looney Pals go from… Continue

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Seesmic Integration

You can now update your Engineering Exchange profile via Seesmic desktop. Seesmic allows you to update multiple networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and now the EX at the same time. Seesmic can be downloaded here http://www.seesmic.com

Once downloaded you have to add the plug-in to the app - that can be found here -…

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New Levels of Performance with Magnetic Bearings

New Levels of Performance with Magnetic Bearings

by Mark Hinckley, Director, Mechatronics Platform, SKF USA Inc., Lansdale, PA

Friday, October 08, 2010…


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EMS Writes History with a New Pencil Design

The design of the mechanical pencil and eraser has not

changed much since its invention but could certainly be

improved. With more and more people using computers some

of us forget there are sill many users of mechanical pencils. This

includes draftsmen, artists, engineers and more.

The Problem

Writing with a mechanical pencil is easy. But when it comes

time to erase something you must either turn over the pencil or

use a separate eraser. This takes… Continue

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