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VFD are widely applied in stone industry

VFD are widely applied in stone industry

1. large torque at low frequency:

     0.25Hz 180% rated torque;

2.strong anti-interference ability:

  Design is in strict accordance with the international EMC standards,   many sets VFD can be installed in the same cabinet, but                   non- interfering;

3, Can adapt to all kinds of bad environment;

    High efficiency cooling structure and independent air duct;

4: Input voltage is…


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Advanced Lightest Rugged and Solar Powered Laptops

The high risk professionals are those who enjoy their work in the fields like construction, mining, survey, scientific research and in Industries require such type of laptops that favors’ fast processing in every sense but lighter in weight that is why mainly they prefer rugged laptops having advantages over the normal laptops.

The response from the army, military men’s, police officers and business workers as well as the owner told us the significance of getting the advanced…


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Features of RUGGED Getac S400 and B300 Laptops

Rugged laptops are more famous as compared to the normal laptops because the technology they have is responsible to drive the heavy tasks for business purposes and work in any kind of environment specially is rainy weather and in a hot environment as they are designed in such a way to provide what actually today’s technology demand with respect to fast working environment so here are some important features of the Rugged Getac S400.

They developed to provide specialty…


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What are crawler cranes and what do I need to know?

In essence a crawler crane is a machine capable of lifting heavy loads and moving with it. The different parts of the crane will be referred to as house, carbody, side frames, boom, hoist, wire rope and sheaves. Don’t worry too much about the terminology at this stage as they are only used in the heavy lift industry to depict specific items for transport.

As oppose to…


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Robots or "Co-Bots" are coexisting with humans in manufacturing environments

The 1980s film “The Terminator” and its sequels are examples of great storytelling. The movie franchise brought into the 20th Century a couple of literary ideas from the Industrial Revolution: fear of world conquest by robotic machines.

Robots or Co-bots

The reality of robotics in the 21st Century is quite different, though. The world…


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Engineers can win a two-day trip and go behind the scenes at NASA

Littelfuse (the circuit protection company) is bringing Engineers behind the scenes at NASA Johnson Space Center.

Enter the Littelfuse Speed2Design sweepstakes for a chance to win a two-day trip of a lifetime and go behind the scenes at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX, on October 24. The two-day trip is part of the Littelfuse-sponsored Speed2Design Exploration & Discovery, which…


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Tolerance stack-up analysis

As a design engineer, do you regularly do tolerance stack-up analysis? I am sure you follow a particular process and a tool to do the analysis. But do you feel that the tool requires you to be an expert in manufacturing and GD&T concepts. Also you need to provide a lot of manual input for doing the stack-up? Do you feel constrained by the capabilities of the exisiting tool (even Excel and calculators count as tools when it comes to stack-up analysis)? Or do you feel the tool has too many…


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Best Manufacturer of variable speed drives, servo drives! Take an Opportunity to become Distributor, Importer

Money-back guarantee.

failure rate: < 1%

authorized CE, issued by ECMG

18-month warranty period

delivery lead time: 1-3 days

supply to REGAL, Ingersoll Rand, Foxconn, CG Group...

Looking to Connect with relevant contacts-Importers/ Distributors/ Buyers/ Wholesaler & Retailers in the field of motor control, motion control and energy…


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