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Failure Analysis of the World Trade Center 5

This research involves a failure analysis of the internal structural collapse that occured in the World Trade Center 5 due to fire exposure alone on September 11, 2001. It is hypothesized that the steel column-tree assembly failed during the heating phase of the fire. Abaqus/Standard was used to predict the structural performance of the assembly when exposed to the tire. Results from a finite element, thermal-stress model confirms this hypothesis, for it is concluded that the catastrophic,…


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Linear actuator construction


IntelLiDrives has introduced a new packaged linear motor slide that can be used as a direct replacement for mechanical linear motion systems. Linear motors have achieved a remarkable penetration into engineering applications previously dominated by ball…


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Rotary table construction

Torque motors are also called "frameless" motors. They don't have housings, bearings, or feedback devices. In this sense the motor is a kit and meant to be part of the machine structure. Torque motors are designed as direct drives. They eliminate the need for gearboxes, worm-gear drives, and other mechanical transmission elements and directly couple the payload to the drive. This makes rotary drives with high dynamic responses and no hysteresis possible. The large inner diameter of a torque… Continue

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The USFWS wants to make it almost imposible to erect a wind turbine>

Here's my letter:

See Release Here:

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Tooth contact on the line of action

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Gear simulation

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Hobbing of a gerotor

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Oval gear simulation

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Engineers For A Cause Society (EFACS)

Engineers For A Cause Society...EFACS....

"Engineers with heart"


All of us shall form a Society with name "Engineers For A Cause" and utilise our engineering knowledge & experience to serve humanity and ecosystem on Global…


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Can we get by without nuclear power?

When we first saw the horrible footage of the Japanese earthquake and the devastating tsunami that followed, who could have imagined the reverberations that have now been felt across the world’s energy sector?


The resulting damage to the Fukushima nuclear reactors have made many—from engineers to scientists to public officials—question the wisdom of our reliance on nuclear power, and its role moving forward.


One of the biggest developments has been German…


Added by Paul J. Heney on September 13, 2011 at 8:00am — 5 Comments

Engineering resource

I just came across an outfit called GrabCAD. It provides engineering services, as well as offers a pretty big library of free

3D CAD models. I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has used this service and what the experience was like.

Added by laura carrabine on September 12, 2011 at 11:10am — 1 Comment

Mariner 5 mystery solved

The Mariner 5 spacecraft was launched in 1967 to carry a complement of experiments to probe Venus's atmosphere by radio occultation, measure the hydrogen hard ultraviolet spectrum, and sample the solar particles and magnetic field fluctuations above the planet. Data analyzed from Mariner 5 in 1971 found a small but irritatingly clear pattern in the turbulence perpendicular…


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Gerotor in motion

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Save your energy bill, improve the energy efficiency, adjust speed for precision production

As professional in the field of energy efficiency, energy saving and process control, we offer a good solution for you on energy efficiency, adjust speed for precision production.

Through applying AC drives (variable speed drives, VSDs) in the field of food, oil, mining, textile, injection molding machine..., vast electricity is…


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Differences in how engineers and manufacturers deal with a BOM

Ok. So this is a post about work - and work conflicts. Particularly between manufacturing and engineering.

I think that oftentimes, manufacturing and engineering are asked to work in parallel while being completely at odds philosophically.

Engineers deal with a lot of different possibilities, and have to narrow those possibilities down into the best solution. I…


Added by Alyssa Sittig on September 6, 2011 at 11:54am — 5 Comments

A 13-year-old who spends his time on solar and NOT video games?

Though many kids his age are playing video games or cruising sites online, 7th grader Aiden Dwyer prefers to trek through the woods and study science. OK, so there are still some kids out there who do like to get out in nature, but my bet is they're building forts and burning things. Aiden, on the other hand spent his time studying how trees branch in a very specific…


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ML Engraving launches its new website

ML Engraving shows its brand new website and invites everyone of you to take a look to discover something more about laser technology.

The site entirely represents the Company and gives detailed informations about:

  • the 3 production divisions: Touch & Feel - Nuovo Cesello and Just in Time,
  • the exclusive D.R.E.® - Design Rendering Engineering, the digital working process by ML Engraving,
  • the…

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Does solar really work in my state?

I found this really great infographic on I think it gives a really nice rundown of where solar could work.

Home Solar Power Discounts - One Block Off the… Continue

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R&D lab considers 15-MW wind turbine from superconducting magnets

GE says its experience with superconducting equipment from its healthcare MRIs is applicable to generators for wind turbines. High torque at low rotational speeds may let wind turbines product up to 15 MW and without a gearbox."] [/caption]

GE Global Research, the technology development arm of GE, says it has begun work on the first phase of a 2-year, $3 million project from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop a next generation wind-turbine generator that could support… Continue

Added by Paul Dvorak on September 1, 2011 at 1:00pm — 1 Comment

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