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Why Is Stainless Steel Preferred Most in All Industries?

One of the strongest metals, stainless steel is widely used presently. Among more than 150 grades of stainless steel, more than a dozen are used every day in several applications. It is available in various forms, like sheets, plates, valves, flanges etc. There are many stainless steel tubes, pipes and coil suppliers in South Africa.

Industries that commonly use stainless steel…


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Top Trends in Process Automation Industry 2019 - 2027

Process automation aids in the integration and orchestration of tools, processes, and people through a set of workflow. It uses a network for the interconnection of controllers, sensors, actuators, terminals, and operator. Process automation provides faster response to the concerns of the mission-critical systems, helps in the…


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Industrial Energy Management Systems by Technology SCADA , PLC, DCS, MDM, EMIS

Industrial Energy Management Systems Market to 2027 - Global Analysis and Forecasts by Technology (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA), Programmable Logic Controls (PLC), Distributed Control System (DCS), Meter Data Management (MDM), Energy Management Information System (EMIS), Others); Hardware (Communication Network Hardware, Industrial Hardware); Services (System Integrators, Consulting, Maintenance and Support Services); End-User (Automotive, Construction, Food and…


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South African Mining Solutions: 3 Popular Natural Resources

South Africa is rich in natural resources, contributing significantly to reserves around the world. The success of the South African mining industry is largely due to expert mining solutions that have been designed and commissioned in order to keep the mines running at optimal productivity levels. South African mining solutions, which can be developed by independent mining advisors, are geared towards…


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True Power Factor

True Power Factor :

In a harmonic rich network, the over all power factor of the electrical network not only depends on the displacement power factor but it also depends on the harmonic distortion in the electrical network. The…


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How To Cope With Future Market Developments In Aircraft Line Maintenance

Aircraft line maintenance is the repair, inspection or modification of an Aircraft. Inspection of an aircraft is done by predetermined schedules. Line and base maintenance are the ways which help in inspection of the aircraft where base maintenance includes activities which require the aircraft to be taken out of service for longer periods whereas line maintenance activities are mostly carried out during normal turn around periods. Out sourcing of line maintenances services and technological…


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Trends in Horticulture Lighting

Horticulture lights function as a replacement for sunlight as the catalyst in the plant growth.…


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Substation Automation--Rising Demand for Renewable Energy Projects to Encourage Growth

A tremendous rise in the demand for low-cost substation automation solutions, especially in the solar sector is expected to encourage the growth of the global substation automation market in the near future. The rise in the demand for renewable energy projects in the substation automation market is likely to support the growth of the market throughout the forecast period. In addition to this, the rising need for retrofitting conventional substations is another major aspect that is…


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5G Infrastructure Market - Emerging Trends 2019

Fifth generation or 5G is the latest generation to succeed the 4G, 3G, and 2G systems of cellular mobile communications. 5G infrastructure consists of enhanced mobile broadband with reduced latency and targets data rate, cost-reduction, energy saving, and higher system capacity. It is likely to witness better spectrum management, data…


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Hardware Vendors Will Win Big in Meeting the Demand For Edge AI Hardware

                                                                          Image Credit: analyticsindiamag

An edge device is a piece of hardware that controls data flow at the boundary between two networks. Edge devices function with different roles, depending on what type of device they are, however essentially serve as network entry points. Some examples of…


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Current Scenario of Power Electronics for Engineers & Entrepreneur

Demand for electrical and electronics engineers in the field of power electronics is steadily on the rise in India. But what is required of them to befit this industry? 

Power electronics deals with the devices that can convert and control the power from source to load in an efficient manner. Power electronic devices are used in order to prevent damage caused by fluctuating current and high voltages. There are different type of power electronics devices used like Power IC,…


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Is Amity University good for B-Tech or Law?

Amity University is a reputed private university with over 15 campuses across the country. It also has international campuses in many places across the globe like London, Dubai, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, South Africa, Mauritius, Romania and China. The university is approved by UGC and holds the membership of AIU. Amity Noida, with its first-rate infrastructure and remarkable facilities, is the best campus of the educational group. The university offers many programmes in several fields. Since…


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Why induction motor takes high starting current?

The induction motors are widely used worldwide for various applications.The motor takes high starting current at start.When the three phase supply is fed, a rotating magnetic field set up in the air gap.The flux get linked to the rotor winding and voltage is induced in the rotor conductor.The magnitude of the induced voltage depends on the difference between the synchronous speed and the actual speed of the motor.At start, this difference is maximum and equals to 1. We can say the slip of the… Continue

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Industry Control and Factory Automation: Rising Implementation of Industrial Robots and Increasing Usage of Enabling Technologies

Rising implementation of industrial robots and increasing usage of enabling technologies in the manufacturing sector is anticipated to drive the industry control and factory automation market in the coming years. Significant capital investments for establishing an error-free automation system and industrial control is anticipated to pose…


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Where to find a CAD Drafting Service Provider in Melbourne?

Rayvat Engineering provides a range of CAD Drafting Services for firms based in Melbourne. Our fields of services are such that no matter what your requirement CAD Drafting Services in Melbourne, we would be able to work it out for you.…


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Importance of 3D Architectural Rendering for Visual Marketing Campaigns

For marketing, there is a reason for often used saying that ‘an image speaks a thousand words’ came into practice. Even if we look at the methods an organization uses to handle their marketing communications, we can see changes in the way the products, particularly in real estate, are being marketed. The usage of 3D Architectural Rendering has actually come to be rather widespread.…


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How BIM 3D Can Be Super Beneficial to MEP Contractors?

Once the stage of concept designing is completed, then comes the essential phase of building execution. When a project manages to reach this level, no amount of re-drawings and mistakes can be affordable. Not just mistakes can increase the cost but waste precious time as well. Considering how these two are taken as irreplaceable resources, you must make sure that the wastage of them is not just reduced but is quite negligible as possible.…


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Flexible AC Transmission Systems- Advancement of Electric Power Transmission System

In conventional AC transmission system, the ability to transfer AC power is limited by several factors like thermal limits, transient stability limit, voltage limit, short circuit current limit etc. These limits define the maximum electric power which can be efficiently transmitted through the transmission line without causing any damage to the electrical equipment and the transmission lines. Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) increase the reliability of AC grids. They improve…


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Industrial Automation Control--Integration of artificial intelligence

Industrial automation systems is a general term of automation technology tools for measurement and controlling the industrial production process and mechanical and electrical equipment, technology and equipment (including automatic measuring instrument and control device),using control theory, instrumentation, computer and other information technology to make detection, control, optimization, scheduling and management and decision-making for…


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Data Center Chip- Revolutionary Innovation on Board

In today's world, any business is heavily depends upon services, applications and data contained within a data center which ultimately puts it at the center of any business process and most important asset for daily operations. Companies from various fields use a premise of networked computers and storage to organize, process, store and disseminate huge data. This premise of networked computers and storage is called data center. The data center chip is one of the vital requirements which can…


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