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Tips for PLC Training

PLC Training Tips:

For the beginner to PLC Training , most of the time, one product or or PLC training solution will NOT properly prepare you to hit the ground running in the real world of working with PLCs,

  • WARNING: Potential damage to man or machine exist if not properly trained!

As a beginner, one might think all you need is the LogixPro PLC simulator, but that would be  bad choice. 1st get some PLC training and familiarization with…


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Macros Reduce Time Required to Create CNC Programs for Making Press Components

Prensas Schuler, São Paulo, Brazil, supplies advanced mechanical and hydraulic press systems for customers in the automotive industry, their suppliers and the household appliance industry. These presses require a wide variety of machined components, including beds, slides, gears, moving bolsters, uprights and many others in a range of sizes and styles. Writing computer numerical control (CNC) programs to produce each of these parts using traditional methods was time-consuming and expensive.…


Added by Steve Glad on August 25, 2014 at 12:06pm — 3 Comments

Take a 3D Virtual Tour of Lavish Residential Apartment

How about living in a stylishly designed apartment at one of the top floors of a high rise building? Well, the view that one get on those top floors is always mesmerizing but here we welcome you to take a virtual tour of a luxurious apartment with stunning interior which is equally mesmerizing as the outside view.

3D Virtual Tour is a…


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Simpleware and ANSYS Tool Enables Prediction of Hip Replacement Implant Performance

Simpleware and ANSYS have recently been used to develop an automated tool for predicting best fit in total hip replacements. The tool was developed in collaboration with the University of Southampton to provide a robust workflow for positioning hip implants within the body.

CT data of a femur and a CAD-designed implant were combined in Simpleware software and used to…


Added by Simpleware on August 21, 2014 at 6:33am — 1 Comment

Mechatronic Simulation Enables PSA Peugeot Citroën to Enhance Fuel Efficiency and Reliability of Powertrain Components

Enhancing powertrain thermal management

Car manufacturers face multiple challenges when designing powertrain architectures. They must reconcile numerous and sometimes contradictory requirements to reach the desired level of product quality, pollutant emissions, passenger comfort, fun-to-drive performance, reliability and safety. And they must do all of…


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Benefits of Using Architectural 3D Floor Plan

It is almost impossible for a person to imagine a new design of a building and visualize it in the mind. For an ordinary person it will be difficult to see a set of squares and rectangles in front of him. There is a science behind it that gives you a set of doors, windows and rooms that makes your home dream to come true.

The 3D floor plan service…


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Polynomial Orders in ANSYS

Hi everyone,

Can anyone please tell what is the highest polynomial order one can achieve in ANSYS for an FEA Simulation. I know its 9 for Creo Simulate. I'm unable to reach convergence before achieving the highest polynomial order for a particular product while using Creo Simulate. I need to decide if I can try it in ANSYS.


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