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Does your multi-level BOM send the right message?

Hey Engineers -

When you're dealing with a complicated product, you tend to end up with a complicated (read: multilevel) BOM. Sharing a multi-level BOM from your PLM system with other members of your organization who might need a BOM - sales, finance, inventory - can seem like it would be helpful, but it can actually be confusing. 

At the end of the day, the…


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Documenting fixtures and jigs—why it’s forgotten, and why it matters

I’d like to talk about another type of documentation that is commonly overlooked in organizations—the documentation of fixtures and jigs.

We talk to many people working in high-functioning manufacturing departments who document everything thoroughly and consistently except for the fixtures they use to make their product. Big mistake!

Failing to document your…


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Lincoln Electric wind turbine: an example to other industrial communities

Yesterday I got to take a little field trip from work for the dedication of Cleveland's Lincoln Electric wind turbine. It was a beautiful day, the red ribbon surrounding the turbine's tower shining in the sun. The 2.5-MW model stands as a 443-ft example of how renewable energy can have a…


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Hey baby, let me take you out on my yacht, my solar-powered yacht

"Hey baby let me take you out on my solar powered  yaht," yes someone in the world actually gets to say this. And just to add to this real-life Don Juan's bragging he also gets to stress that it's the world's largest. 


All right, so the boat wasn't really built for the ladies. The PlanetSolar…


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Engineeer Time Saver Websites

My VP of Product Design, Marc Escobosa, recently directed me to four sites that he thought were particularly useful to engineers. I’d like to share them with you now, plus debut a free new Arena tool for electrical engineers—Arena PartSaver.

Let me know if you find these resources helpful—and if you have…


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Tired of paying for gas? The solution could be solar..

Tired of paying for gas? With these prices who isn't? Ford may have a solution. The company has teamed up with SunPower Corp. to offer a home rooftop solar system to their customers with electric or hybrid cars, that will…


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Building an EE lab

In addition to editing the EE material for Design World we are building up a lab for tear-downs, testing, modifications, and light fabrication. We just received the ESD friendly DIY workbench from McMaster, next I will likely order some Flukes and hand tools to keep in the office. Anyone have any favorites to recommend? I've put together a rough equipment…


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Japan's solar power shelter, a cool concept for the U.S. too

At least on the engineering/technical front, Japan has a way with developing new, innovative technologies ahead of the game. But that doesn't mean the rest of the world can't be inspired by their concepts. 

One interesting idea on that solar side is Kyocera's Eco-Shell, a multi-purpose shelter that uses a solar-power generating system for the roofing material and energy-conserving LEDs for lighting. The concept is intended for…


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"Rigid Dump Truck Rear Axle Design"

Design Brief

It all started with banking upon the available 200 man years of engineering services experience with us and the availability of subject matter experts. The subject matter experts include Power train design, Structure, Brakes & steering, Hydraulics, Product Integration, Electrical & Instrumentation, Tooling, Quality Management Systems and Production.

Looking at the exponential increase in the demand…


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Meteo Expands To United States

I just posted a video from my good friend Paul Heney of Benjamin A. Compton, COO & VP, Commercial Operations of meteocontrol North America, who explains what his company can bring to solar projects, from the design phase all the way through to the completion and maintenance. Compton appeared at the Intersolar Show in San Francisco last month.


Check it out!



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