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Facilities Offered By Hosted Telephony

Enjoyed Electrical work at Perth Mactec Commercial Electricians, some times I write about new technology concept as here I want to share blog about Hosted Telephony.

Hosted Telephony wants to change every business organization by using voice communication towards the…


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Why not choose the best supplier of frequency inverter (VFD, AC drives) to win more clients?

V&T Technologies Co.,Ltd. engaged in Variable Frequency Drive (frequency inverter), Servo Drive, Electric Vehicle Controller, Inverter and other power electronics products.


The reliable, robust and industrial inverters are widely applied in all the industries, such as metallurgy, crane, oil, chemicals, machine tools, metal processing, stone, wood processing, air compressor, washing machine, water supply, air conditioning, municipal engineering, textile, printing, mining…


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Frequency inverter (VSD,VVVF, AC drive) with air compressor

Nowadays, AC drive have been widely applied in air compressor to reduce electricity consumption.

We own abundant experiences in matching and renovating air compressors. V5-H inverter has been applied in batch to domestic mainstream air compressor manufacturers. For the air compressor characteristics, Our company especially designs integrative energy-saving control cabinet to ensure renovation is more convenient and fast, and composite cost is…


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final year project

gud day all. am new here. am in production engineering in the university of benin, nigeria. i really need to talk to someone offering a similar course to mine to discuss on final year projects . thanks

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Vapor Polishing for PC Material—Rapid Prototyping Technique at Jevny Technology

PC Vapor Polishing is a very old technique which allows technicians to repair damage to Polycarbonate very quickly. The solvent melts the PC on the surface at the molecular level turning it clear. What is interesting about vapor polish is that it does not actually change the general surface finish. If the material had milling marks before vapor polish; they will still be evident afterwards – but the material will be clearer. You can even turn a hacksaw finish clear with Weldon 4…


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3D Printing – A panacea to all manufacturing problems? Not exactly!

3D printing has taken the world by storm. 3D Printing has become a more popular terminology these days for additive manufacturing process. Additive manufacturing process has been in existence for a few decades now and focused mainly for developing rapid prototypes of parts. With the advancement of technology, the additive printing machines have become much smaller and portable, which has helped it gain much popularity. There are hobby ‘3D printers’ available from several manufacturers now…


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Retrofitting of sugar squeezing machine with AC VFD inverters

In sugar industry, squeezing machine (squeezer, squeezing mill, crushing machine) is important and necessary.

From the angles of production process and energy saving, retrofitting of sugar squeezing machine with variable frequency drives can bring some benefits, such as increasing extraction rate, reducing the power consumption. …


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