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Emerging networking standards for sensors

To be an important player in the sensor market, it’s crucial that sensor manufacturers choose networks compatible with those used in their clients plants. According to ARC Advisory Group, two networking standards have recently emerged in the discrete sensor area. ( ARC Analyst Florian Güldner (fgueldner@arcweb.com), the principal author of ARC’s “Proximity Sensors Worldwide Outlook”) These are CompoNet, promoted and supported by ODVA, and IO-Link, promoted and supported by ProfiBus. Each… Continue

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Online Industrial Supplier Listings Part I: A Multi-Post Review


A comprehensive feature on Industrial Supplier Listings

Because of the need for these listings, I am going to do a series of reviews on many of the most established ones. There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of these listings scattered around the internet, but a handful have developed incredibly detailed categories, seemingly endless suppliers for each niche, and many have their own features that make them unique.

What are they?

Engineers have… Continue

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· WE ARE LOOKING FOR A Senior Project Design Engineer

(Newly offered Immediate Position)

Qualified candidates will have a minimum of 8 years experience in planning and designing wastewater treatment projects.

The qualified candidate must possess a BS in civil, environmental or chemical engineering. The ability to demonstrate key technical skills, as well as manage, coach and mentor others, is critical to the success of this position.

PCI… Continue

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Afrigadget: Solving everyday problems with African ingenuity

Bottle Opener

It's amazing to see how people can make incredible improvements to everything around them often with very limited resources. One blog that consistently appeals to people (especially other engineers) because of this is Afrigadget. This blog highlights innovations in rural African communities, both by local people and outside inventors. These innovations are often surprisingly simple but always technical, and never fail to impress. Engineers of all types and from all… Continue

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Share Interesting Resources, Technologies, Websites, Blogs, Articles, News ...


All of us at Industrial Interface are techies at heart. Most of us are also engineers. We love to hear and read about the same things you do. If you've got something that you think other engineers, designers, and industrial suppliers will enjoy reading about or seeing, share it with us! We'll try to share it with our readers.

You can also share with us via our Twitter feeds.… Continue

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Get A Second Monitor ASAP

Home Office with lots of Monitors

OK maybe 6 (7?) is overkill (thanks for the pic - http://www.jdsblog.com/), but a second monitor doubles your workspace and can grant you visual access to multiple applications or windows at once. Two monitors can streamline many tasks like writing a report based on data calculated and contained in a complex spreadsheet, or creating detailed BOMs from datasheets or websites.

At the very least, two… Continue

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Online Unit Conversions for The Common, The Complex, and The Unexpected

One website I used almost every day as a design engineer (and continue to use often) is OnlineConversion.com. If you can think of an engineering or scientific application with unique units, this website will probably convert them. It's free to use and doesn't require any registration. The site claims "5,000 units and 50,000 conversions" and receives over half a million unique… Continue

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