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Getting to Know the Different Types of Welding Rods

A welding rod, whether formed into welding wire, welding cable or electrode, is an essential welding supply. Welding rods and cat 5 cable are consumable pieces of material that help form the electrical arc. They are typically made of the same material as the material being welded, but additives can help improve their performance. These rods made to solidify quickly are known as fast-freeze…


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6 Different Forms Of Packages Under 3D Product Modeling Services

With technology at its highest peak, architects are finding it easy to construct new models using 3D Product Modeling Services. It is perfect not just for covering architectural needs, but for engineering services too. The service surrounds the specific and customized requirements of each project separately. Some of the basic options are low poly models, high poly modeling and eve…


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32 Layer Printed Circuit Boards


甲  32层印刷电路板  是简单的具有多层PCB  32层  夹在一起以用作一个 …


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Why Electric Linear Actuators for Industrial Applications?

Traditionally in industry, heavy equipment has been put into motion by way of hydraulics and similar mechanisms. However, technology has taken leaps and bounds, and industrial electric actuators are quickly making their way into both consumer goods and highpowered industrial equipment. An electric linear actuator works by converting an electric motor’s rotational motion into linear motion, giving a machine the ability to move in various directions, and…


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Two Common PCB Fabrication Problems

There are various problems that may occur during PCB fabrication. Knowing how these problems arise is important since it helps in dealing with those problems long before they occur. This brief discussion will prepare the PCB engineer ahead of time.

The Vias

Vias are conductive holes in a PCB. They connect the top to the bottom copper layer as needed. During PCB fabrication, desired holes for vias are drilled on the PCB using a thin cutter or laser…


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Shut off valve and Ball valve manufacturers from Vatacvalves.com

In contemporary cars, the electrically operated solenoid is actually the purge valve that administers the engine computer. As the engine turns off, the slurry valves suppliers is closed. As the engine starts triggering, the purge valve gradually starts performing its function.

If your car doesn't run evenly and creates problems more often, then it's a result of a…


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Properly Maintaining the Electrical Wiring in Your Home

Each year, thousands of homes in the United States are engulfed in fires triggered by faulty electrical wiring. In Home Electrical Fires, a report by the National Fire Protection Association's Fire Analysis and Research Division published in May 2010, an average of 22,000 home fires between 2003 and 2007 involved electrical distribution (e.g., wiring and related equipment, transformers, power supplies) or lighting equipment (e.g., lamps, light fixtures, light bulbs, cords, plugs). The fires…


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Printed Circuit Board Blind and Buried Vias


A Via is simply a copper plated hole that connects two or more copper layers. Vias are very useful for efficiently making complex multilayer PCBs, highly populated with electronic components over a small PCB area. There are different types of vias: Through via, Stub via, Blind via and Buried via.A Through via runs through all the copper layers (top to bottom) but does not connect to any of the internal layers. A Stub via is similar to a Through via but can connect…


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4 Specified forms of Residential Architectural Plans For Covering Flexible Needs

Starting from Mediterranean abodes to log house mansions, people are in love with multiple forms of housing complexes. They are always for a lookout to check on best residential architectural plans to entertain a better result. Therefore, learning a bit more about the famous home styles can do the trick, and help you choose the best one among the…


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How To Install Portable Hot Tub Electrical Wiring

Installing electrical to a new or used hot tub can be a daunting thought. The need to access 220 Volt power scares most do-it-yourselfers away from the task, but for those willing to give up a weekend or two the cost savings and self-accomplishment can we worth the task. Below are the major steps and lessons I learned when I recently installing new electrical wiring to my hot tub.

1. Plan Your Project:



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Cables Used For Welding Machines

This is a very specific cable used for welders called "welding cable". Yes, it's as simple as asking your supplier for twin and earth cable and they will ask you what color insulation and what AWG size you need. There is typically black and red in stock and you can get orange from most suppliers at a slightly higher price.

Residential Welders

Welders used in garages and…


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3 Tips To Choose The Best Company Offering 3D Rendering Outsourcing Services

As outsourcing is gaining acceptance in every sphere of business, so 3D rendering outsourcing is not lagging behind. Maximum large organizations are currently harping on such 3D rendering values for effective results. Now, with high-end competitive market, it becomes rather…


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PCB Rapid Prototype

PCB Rapid Prototype

One thing to note about PCB Prototyping is that it is different from PCB Manufacturing. PCB Prototyping is characterized by changes, while PCB Manufacturing involves mass production of the same design. Before you commission your PCB design for mass production, it is best for you to pass it through PCB Rapid Prototyping. 

For your rapid prototyping to be successful, you need to be equipped with the right tools.…


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Safe, even when the pressure is rising

In today's automotive injection pumps, fuel is pressed against sealed parts with incredible force at more than 2,000bar/29,000 pounds per square inch. This means that precision is the top priority when it comes to manufacturing sealing rings. The new iNSPEC 50 inspection system from iTECH Engineering AG based in Bettlach, Switzerland, guarantees flawless surfaces in the range of thousandths of a millimeter—and at a breathtaking speed.

For Hänggi GmbH, the renowned manufacturer of…


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How To Use 3x6 Solar Cells To Build Solar Panels

If you're new to building or want to start building your own twin and earth cable to save money, then you found the right article to read. Going green is great, but buying photovoltaic panels can be very costly. Currently, PV panels prices are still high over $2.00/watt and slowly decreasing. That's a great thing, but for now people like you and I need another alternative, a cheaper…


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3 Benefits of 3D Exterior Rendering Services

The architectural industry has undergone a sea change with the advancement in technology especially that of exterior rendering. Until a few years back, hand drawn or printed drawings and views of the upcoming structures were shown to the clients and engineers. However, this has now changed with the introduction of the 3D exterior rendering services.…


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What is the Importance of Architectural Visualization for Home Owners?

Architectural visualization refers to the ability to view the upcoming structure in a 3D view. Until a few years back, architects got their designs approved from clients through 2D drawings, created manually. Now the scenario has changed. Architects now use 3D visualization that gives the clients a complete 360 view of the interiors and exteriors of the upcoming structure. This…


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0d0ifq4wilqxm Attract your Potential Customer with life like 3D Furniture Rendering Services

You need to attract the potential customers and convince them that they need to choose you over all others. This world is ever changing and the technology is such that if the firms resort to conventional print adverts and photographs would not result in conversion. But, using  3D Furniture Rendering…


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Why We Need a Unified Construction Documentation Approach?

Why we need a unified construction documentation approach

Technology has brought a revolution in construction industry. Yet, when it comes to managing construction documents, paper method is still the practiced norm.

 Industry is mainly driven by drawings and yet we have failed to make any advancement on how this data is managed, despite the advanced tools and technology such as BIM.  One of the risky blocks of construction industry is its debatable nature…


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