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Engineers: Here are Some Recommendations on What to Bring to the P.E. Exam

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 2 of my book Engineer Your Own Success: 7 Key Elements to Creating an Extraordinary Engineering Career.

You are allowed to bring as many books to the P.E. exam as you wish, which is why on the day of the exam people will literally show up with wagons full of books. While I understand it can be tempting to have every possible piece of information with you, you must be careful of placing too much emphasis on your reference materials. The most… Continue

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Transformer KVA's for different starter

Is there any known formula or factor to determine the KVA's required for a transformer connected to an induction motor depending upon the kind of motor starter , being them direct connection, soft starter,or start-delta starting?

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My blog is actually on WordPress at The Design Urge.


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Put your self in the shoes of the customer: Embracing foreign languages.

All those who have ever tried to learn a foreign language, specially those who have had the luck to have experienced it "on-site", are likely to agree with me when I say that a language is not merely composed by a bunch of grammar rules. Intonation, manners (try to picture Italians or Argentinians talking without their hands), and facial expressions play their role as well. However, no language is likely to be succesfully embraced without the learner´s interest in the exploration of the…


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Cardboard Balers and SAVINGS



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Nook Industries New LinkedIn Product Gallery

In efforts to increase our communication with the engineering community through social media we have created a LinkedIn product gallery with all of our core linear motion products. LinkedIn Product Gallery… Continue

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How trivial are the technological advances seen in daily life in Japan?

Those who have visited or lived in Japan (either in a virtual form, or in person) may have realized the overwhelming, yet very interesting, amount of immaginative and/or well advanced technological devices that form part of daily life.


To taste the experience, the journey may begin at the popular "100-yen stores" (1-USD stores), where you will find inexpensive gadgets carefully designed for almost any trivial need. After this initial part of the tour, the simplicity and the…


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Know the risks before targeting the 3D printer "Maker" market

The “maker” market, “citizen designer” market, is hot. For some vendors of professional Additive Manufacturing (AM) machines, it is the perfect opportunity to grow and build the AM market. Other vendors are not convinced that pursuing this market is a good idea right now. A recent conversation with Materialise highlights the risks of appealing to this market:… Continue

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Your Level of Responsiveness Will Impact Your Engineering Career Development

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 4 of my soon to be released book Engineer Your Own Success:

In today’s world with all of the readily available technology, people want answers immediately. The success of your career will be directly impacted by how quickly you get them their answers! If real estate is all about location, location, location, than career advancement is all about being responsive, responsive, and more responsive!

Do you remember the last time you… Continue

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Is Google's investment in residential solar a good thing?

I recently read a blog about a company called SolarCity, which enables homeowners and businesses to begin using solar energy to power their homes and buildings. Google says it's investing $280 million to create a fund that will help SolarCity finance more solar installations across the country. This is Google's largest clean energy…


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What's lacking when working with 3D printers in the education market

Education is listed as one of the target markets by the major 3D printer vendors. The reasons for working with educators are evident–teach students early about this technology, train them for future employment.  Unfortunately for the students, teachers often lack the training needed to guide students in the use and understanding of additive manufacturing systems.....…


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Editing product designs to reduce manufacturing cost sells production manufacturing

Engineering fellows,


I have found over the years that my best sales tool is my ability to identify product design features that increase manufacturing costs. In about 80-90% of quote requests that I review, product designs are generally great concepts that represent the product design engineers concept or intent although they are not quite ready for production manufacturing. I have found that by providing budgetary estimates to customer drawings or models that are not…


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Metric Change

Australia first changed to Metric in 1974 yet today we still have some industries who still work with imperial measurements.  This is despite the education system teaching only the metric system!   We have developed a "bastardised" system in some industries.  It is not unusual to hear talk of a motorhome 22 feet with a 3.0 litre engine.  or on a building site using timber 4" x 2" x 3.4metres long.  Education is a start but sometimes you have to wait until all the dinosaurs are full extinct… Continue

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We are alone in the world....


I am amused at all the responses that say to stay with inch units.


Do you realize the rest of the world has gone metric?  There are only 2 countries in the world still using the inch units, us and Taiwan.  Everyone else has gone metric.  Talking about being left behind???


Even England migrated from the English (Imperial system) to metric.   Are we that resistant to change?  Do we want to be known as a world leader or a country that is stuck in their…


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Miniaturization using low-cost PCB technology

Nice article from the June 2011 issue of DW:



Miniaturization using low-cost PCB technology

 As feature sizes shrink on component packaging, printed circuit boards must become more complex

By Matt Romig…


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Good Ideas

There are lots of Good Ideas,

It takes an engineer to bring them to life.


Frank Zeman

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What is your engineering degree worth?

I see my engineering degree every morning. It hangs above my dresser, a badge of honor for five of the toughest, yet most rewarding years of my life. It represents late nights studying, way too much calculus and thermodynamics, and likely an ulcer or two.

I was lucky to have chosen a public institution where even the out-of-state tuition was reasonable. And I was fortunate to have grandparents who were willing to help cover the cost of tuition. Many of my friends graduated with tens…


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Wafer design & development for military communications

Engineering Exchange fellows, Hello. I am new to the exchange and I would like to share a note about a new program that I was tasked with consulting on for product design engineers at a military tier 1 vendor. My role on this program was to identify lead frame and insulator design features that were not practical to manufacture as designed then to provide design solutions by editing 4 wafer assembly designs that will be used in high reliability video routers for high speed image transmission… Continue

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Ideas That Can Create Thousands of Jobs

Hi:  I am looking for really creative technologies that can create thousands of jobs.  Just some of the areas that these ideas might fulfill.  Easily erectable energy self sufficient Housing.  I am thinking large legos in a sense.  


Self driven transportation.  I am thinking trains, trucks, automobiles, planes, boats.  I am thinking  Satellite WiFI type controls, but it might be tracks or tunnels although that would be more expensive. 


And I know this exists…


Added by Richard Mastromatteo on June 9, 2011 at 11:17am — 3 Comments

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